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The Newest Addition To PodcastOne Network


The chairman of PodcastOne announces the launching of a new paranormal podcast termed as Beyond the Darkness in an article published by PRNewswire on 19th December 2016. The new podcast will be the newest addition to the Jericho Network Program that was formed by WWE star Chris Jericho. The new podcast will debut on PodcastOne which is headed by Norman Pattiz.


Norman announced that this new paranormal podcast would comprise of an entertaining and enlightening conversation hosted by Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader who work in the broadcast industry. Norman added that this podcast would go out of its way to challenge what people believe about angels, miracles, ghosts, mysteries, monster encounters, demons, ghouls, and aliens. Norman stated that new episodes would be released on the PodcastOne app, iTunes, and every Monday. Norman commented Chris on the amazing work and said that he had become a big jewel of the PodcastOne network. Norman added that he believed in Chris when he started the Jericho Network Collection and knew that it would evolve beyond wrestling. He said that he was taking people into the paranormal on the new podcast Beyond the Darkness just like Chris had delivered comedians.


Chris Jericho gave his thoughts about the new paranormal podcast. He said that he was a little crept out while announcing the launching of Beyond the Darkness as an addition to the Jericho Network. He added that the new hosts of the podcast were knowledgeable in the other world of paranormal broadcasting. They carry many fans who believe and trust in them. He expects the existing audience of the Jericho Network to grow with this new podcast and “scare the crap out” of them.


Norman Pattiz is PodcastOne’s Executive Chairman. He has served in the position since June 2016. He worked as a consultant for Westwood One Inc. from August 2010. This is a company that he founded in 1974. He is the former president of Broadcast Education Association. President Clinton and President Bush appointed Norman Pattiz to work in the BBG (Broadcasting Board o Governors) for the United States of America. Norman Pattiz is the driving force behind the formation of the BBG’s 24/7 news, music and information radio network, Alhurra Television, and Arabic-language satellite TV all over the Middle East. Norman serves on the Board of Directors of The Regent of Energy Laboratories. He once served as a regent of the University of California. He is a former chairman of Emeritus of Westwood One Inc. Norman is a Governing Board member of the University of California and. He is a member of Commission on Building for the 21st Century in California. Norman serves as a Board Member in several institutions including Hollywood Radio and Television Society and RAND’S Center for Middle East Public Policy.




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