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Anthony Petrello- Texas Philanthropist supporting Children with Neurological disorders

After Anthony Petrello had struggled with a medical condition that was giving her daughter developmental challenges, he realized that he could use his influence and connection to start a medical research center that would find a solution to neurological medical disorders. His daughter, Carena was born with a brain condition that hampered sufficient blood supply to her brain. The net effect is that her brain received less oxygen than is needed for normal body functions. The condition later developed into Cerebral Palsy. This new condition created a situation where his body organs would no longer develop in a normal way. Her growth was greatly affected. He could not learn basic skills such as eating, talking or walking.

Anthony Petrello and his wife had to look for medical care that would treat her condition. They transversed the world visiting the best medical facilities, but they could not find one that could promise them the solution they were looking. They noticed that across the world, the healthcare departments had neglected the issue of neurological disorders in children. No single facility had a department for children living with neurological disorders.

After much struggle, Anthony Petrello decided to use his own money to support a reach center in his Texas neighborhood. He approached the Texas Children’s Hospital with the aim of convincing them to accept an offer to build a Neurological Research Centre at the hospital. To kick off the efforts, Anthony Petrello offered to contribute $5 million to support the initiative. He also promised to contribute another $2 million later after the center had shown progressive results. Anthony Petrello did not stop there; he promised to use his business connections to mobilize other philanthropists to support the initiative.

As part of his efforts to address the neurological issue, Anthony Petrello attends conferences and seminars that address the topic of neurological disorder with the intention of talking to other parents who have children who are suffering from the same condition. He wants to give hope to every parent out there that there is strength in bringing their efforts together to support this initiative that could finally lead to a treatment solution that would eliminate suffering to thousands of other children in the world. For more info about us: click here.

Since starting the research Centre, Anthony Petrello has managed in bringing more donors who have pledged to support the initiative since it is a noble initiative. He hopes that in the future, the neurological medical disorder will be no longer insurmountable.