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Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa has began construction on an amazing planetarium that can seat 125 people. This is a big difference from the earlier planetarium that only sat 30 visitors.

The planetarium will have a 40 foot tall dome and an interactive exhibit hall. It will also feature a Foucault pendulum that shows how the Earth rotates.

The planetarium (under certain times) will be open to college students and the public. This is a great opportunity to engage in the exciting experience that is science. Not only will science students attend classes in the planetarium, they may also conduct a class for elementary students.

There will be a bus drop-off zone for visitors to be transported to and from the college. The planetarium will be located in the middle of the campus. It will keep the original architectural character of the 1950’s. It has both star and digital projection systems. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Orange College was founded in 1947. They provide off campus student housing that is convenient, clean and affordable. All residences are fully furnished and a short distance away from campus.

They also pay for your utilities and provide a cleaning service that comes twice per month. If you are an international student, they provide a homestay program where you can live while learning with a local family.

Orange Coast College currently enrolls over 24,000 undergraduate students. While there are a lot of college’s in Southern California, Orange Coast is the third largest in Orange County.

It is the perfect facility for those who are preparing themselves to transfer from OCC to California State University.

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