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Kevin Seawright a Financial Expert in Both the Private and Public Sector

Kevin Seawright is a finance and administrative operations experts who serves as an Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Newark Economic Development Corporation. Seawright is popularly known for his unique strategist vision and ability in commanding new opportunities and achieving business goals. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

In his long career journey, Seawright has been able to reformulate business strategies that have helped built responsive Accounting and Finance division that incorporates the use of technology to deliver results.

Seawright made a name for himself as a strategist in New Jersey something which has helped steer him to his current position as Newark Vice President.

Kevin Seawright’s Accomplishments

Some of Kevin Seawright’s achievements include enhancements of revenue which has impacted largely on the forecasting of annual increase of goods and services offered by 25%.

In addition, Seawright has helped stabilized the social capital divisions, improved and enhanced staff retention and recruitment and has made management easy.

As a result of improvement in these processes, service delivery, standardization and performances have tremendously improved.

Kevin has also received numerous awards for his outstanding performance and contribution to financial responsiveness while he was working at the municipality.

The most outstanding accomplishment made by Seawright is when he masterminded a new accounting system in Baltimore that helped the Baltimore Commission on Aging and Retirement save more than 100,000 thousand dollars.

Also, his contribution to the Human Capital Divisions which led to increased staff retention and improved hiring process is also appealing as employees are the heart of any organization.

Media outlets that have featured Kevin Seawright

PR Newswire believes that Kevin Seawright has been mentioned in some media outlets and among them is the PR News Wire which stated that he had been a great person in the restructuring of the revenue planning process which has gone a long way in helping contractors and sub-contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Other media outlets that have featured Seawright include the New Jersey Business Journal in May of 2015 and the MarketWatch and Market Wired both of which highlighted his role at NCEDC.

Kevin holds an MBA and is currently pursuing an Executive Leadership Course at the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business.

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