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Don Ressler is Renaissance Man

The business genius behind many of the internet’s hottest brands is Don Ressler. He is the mind behind many successful starts ups like Fitness Heaven, and Intelligent Beauty. He also played a key role in Fabletics and other internet clothing brands.

Don Ressler’s first company was he started that company when he was a teenager. When others his age were partying in college he already knew what he wanted to do in life and worked towards becoming a great success. He sold his first company in 2001 to Intermix Media. Intermix valued him highly so they asked him to stay on board at the company and he formed a partnership with the company’s Chief Operating Officer Adam Goldenberg. Together they made their own new company called Alena Media. their goal was to become the world’s number one performance advertising and e-commerce platform. They had success because they were able to generate hundreds of millions in revenue per year. The Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg tag team turned their project into Intermix Media’s most successful division. Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp in the year 2005. Don Ressler decided that he could do more on his own so he left the company. Now free to realize his own ambitions he began brainstorming.

Ressler was certain that he had the knowledge and skills to become a success in the world of online performance advertising. He decided that he should start a new company that would exploit his talents for creating and promoting online brands. He formed a team composed of Alena Media’s elite and he launched a new project called Brand Ideas. Don’s idea was to do direct to consumer brand building which was a new territory for online marketing at the time. His first site that he launched was DERMSTORE. It focused on selling cosmetics and skincare in the online market place. It was a success. Don Ressler rode this score and next created an online weight loss system called SENSA. This second company was also highly profitable and pioneered the art of online marketing for its niche. Don now had made a large name for himself and he as able to attract $33 million from investors who wanted to be a part of his future projects.



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Brunin Cun says:

Don used these funds to create a new e-commerce fashion retailer. He named it JustFab. This new company would give rise to Fabletics Don’s most successful project to date. I would like to say that it is actually the best site to visit at the moment and make informed decisions.

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