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Doe Deere Wants Women In Business To Have A Beacon

Every woman who starts her own business needs to have support because she is usually her own island. Doe Deere knows that feeling because she started Lime Crime out of her apartment when she was pounding the colors for her cosmetics on a table near her computer. She made videos of herself making the cosmetics, and she was selling the cosmetics on auction websites. She took a gamble, and now she has one of the most popular cosmetics websites online today.

The website that she started was a direct response to the way that women are asked to buy cosmetics today. They have to go to a counter where they could spend hours, but they can find all that they want at Lime Crime in seconds. They get their bright colors, and they get their hair dyes.

Doe Deere also wants to help women who are starting businesses by mentoring them. She wants to give them advice that she wishes she had, and she wants them to know that they can trust her with their business ideas. These ideas are pretty strong, and these women need to be told what to do to get ahead of problems they have with sexism in business. That is where Doe Deere can help a woman get past a problem before it happens. That is the power that Doe Deere has in her mentoring of other women.

There are women who will see Doe Deere as the best role model, and they will want to make sure that they have followed all the things she has done.  Lime Crime is so big now that it is vegan certified, and it has hair dye that women can use to look just like Doe Deere. She has made a company in her own image, and she has made a company that is very profitable.

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