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Lovaganza’s purpose is to entertain and unite people all across the world while expressing multiple cultures in different areas. Lovaganza believes the first step towards a healthy World is to understand what connects each of us as well as what makes us unique. The celebration of Lovaganza called UNITY involves locations in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania with a bohemian style approach to the upcoming celebration. The theme of the 2020 event is “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.” Lovaganza wants people to experience culture from all periods of history in all parts of Earth, with exhibits and entertainment in worldwide events on The events will occur in eight different locations called “flagships”.

Lovaganza uses IMMERSCOPE “traveling theaters”, or Lovaganza’s Caravan, to advertise the UNITY event and movies being produced by using 180° “new glassless 3D technology screens”. The mobile pavilion is set to hit the road sometime in the year 2017. Inside the caravan people will be able to discover different cultures through the immersive experience of “The Marvelous 12” animated series. In 2020 the major motion picture films being released in Lovaganza are set not only to be shown in Lovaganza’s traveling show, but also to be shown in local 2D and 3D theaters. Teasers and screen testing for some movies have already released on their official online website, for “The Sunshine Shop” and “Convoy.”

The world wide festival wants to create nostalgia in a “classic Cinerama feel” and includes a multitude of different activities inside the tent grounds. The Main Show “Extravaganza of Love” will showcase Lovaganza’s UNITE festivities stage production under the “Grand Chapiteau”, the main Pavilion of the Celebrations is a show with actors, dancers, performers, and acrobats working on stage together to showcase the cultures of the World. With Immerscope’s new 360° glass-less 3D wraparound screens “Extravaganza of Love” will feature breathtaking landscapes on Earth.

Lovaganza has three major celebration planned for the future starting with UNITY in 2020 followed by the next Lovaganza events PEACE, ABUNDANCE, and BETA WORLD. ( Each celebration is currently set to last one month each. Music, live events, and attractions of different kinds will couple with the technology of today, and the world of today.

Move to Stop Drug Traffickers

The Venezuelan National Guard busted a drug-smuggling ring Wednesday and confiscated more than 3.4 metric tons of cocaine. The drugs had been coming in from Colombia in bags that were filled with tires.

In a report made by El Venezolano United States officials have recently been pressuring top Venezuelan law enforcement agencies, and Gen. Nestor Reverol and Gen. Osio in particular, for allegedly making the country an important stop for drug traffickers. The Venezuelan denies such accusations and states that the US is trying to undermine the government’s authority. Just last week it was announce that prosecutors from the United States had unsealed an indictment against five former officials from Venezuela accusing them of conspiring over the past four years with the military to import drugs into and out of the beleaguered nation.