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Wikipedia Editors Are Quick To Flag Anything That Violates the Guidelines

Wikipedia is the website that almost everyone heads to when they want to know something; 500 million people visit the site each month. Thousands of volunteer writers and editors contribute to Wikipedia, in a cooperative effort to maintain an unbiased repository of knowledge. There’s no qualification or test required for Wikipedia writers and editors; anyone can submit an entry or edit an existing entry, so occasionally, edits that don’t follow Wikipedia’s best practices slip through, such as recent changes to actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wikipedia filmography page. An overzealous fan was so excited that the actor finally won an Oscar that he or she edited the page with text that violated Wikipedia’s language and neutrality rules. While the fan didn’t harm the actor’s reputation, and the edits were quickly removed, the incident illustrates the fact that Wikipedia editors quickly remove anything that violates the site’s guidelines. 

While Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t need a Wikipedia page to appear more prestigious, most businesses do. A Wikipedia entry is a non-promotional online mention that usually ranks in one of the top three spots in searches for the business’s name. Despite Wikipedia’s policy of allowing anyone to create an entry, some people have a problem following the strict formatting and style guidelines required so that editors won’t flag the page for removal. Business owners or public figures that need to make a Wikipedia page can have Get Your Wiki create an expertly written page that matches the style of other Wikipedia entries. 

Professional Wikipedia business page creation done by Wiki experts for hire provide a valuable service for business owners who don’t have the time to learn Wikipedia’s formatting and citation rules and then write an unbiased article about their business. It’s a time-consuming and often frustrating process to create a business page on Wikipedia; that is why quite a few entrepreneurs hire Wiki writers to create their Wikipedia entry or update a Wiki page for their company.

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