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BFW Confirms Omar Yunes as the Best Franchise in the World

Omar Yunes is officially the best franchise in the world after he received the BFW award in 2015. The franchisee of Sushi Itto was recognized for his continued excellence in his job. The award was presented to him at a prestigious event hosted in Florence, Italy, and attended by businesspeople from 34 countries. Some of the world’s greatest economies, such as Portugal, Hungary, and Brazil were represented.

How It Went Down

The BFW award stamped Omar’s exemplary record as a Japanese food chain’s franchise. Having taken up the role at only 21, he went on to show his muscle by opening new franchise units in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. Omar had 13 franchise units to his name by the end of 2015, and now with this award, more units could well be in the pipeline.

To make BFW more prestigious, the organizers make many considerations before settling on a winner. They mainly focus on the contribution a franchisee makes to the growth of the entire network as opposed to only focusing on a single brand. They assess how informed one is in regards to the network, and whether that knowledge has been adequately utilized to the network’s benefit. How well a franchisee motivates his staff, is also a key consideration, as well as the saving plans put in place.

With Omar Yunes making it that far, it’s a clear indication that he is undoubtedly the leader among all franchisees. These sentiments were also echoed by Diego Elizarrarras, one of the organizers of BFW Mexico. He pointed out that Omar won the award for having revolutionized the franchising-franchisee traditional relationship. He also took note of Omar’s ability to effectively manage 13 different units. On his part, Benjamin Calcelmo of Sushi Itto said that the brand’s unparalleled hospitality in handling its customers had propelled it that far.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a Mexican entrepreneur and business executive. He became a franchisee at Sushi Itto in 1999 and 18 years on; he has managed to establish himself as a top figure in the network. Omar was born in 1978, which shows how young he was at the time he made the debut in the industry. Besides excelling with Sushi Itto, Omar is also doing fairly well in the real estate sector.

Cassio Audi – Making Music And Investment Mix With A Finesse

The industry of finance holds a pivotal aspect in the business world. The decisions are taken by the executives in the firms, big and small and are impacted by what occurs in the financial arena. Various decisions made by the government officials may be associated in a consistent manner.


The finance arena plays a significant role in how the world goes about. The region of investment is the heart of the finance field, especially the stock market scenario. Several people and firms check the status of the equity markets and how the markets do their business.


The stock market performance gives people the knowledge of several scenarios of the business world. You must have the proper know how of how the equity markets do their business. Several of the firm executives take the necessary decision that they think are positive for the companies that they operate.


Several people depend on the stock markets to view how their assets are functioning. The stock market exhibits a great deal regarding the world and not just investing. Cassio Audi is an expert who gives information regarding investment to several people. He is regarded as a top investment professional in Brazil. He has immense knowledge in the stock market in Brazil in the financial groups. He has got a great talent for making investments and has assisted several investors to make lots of money in the stock market in Brazil.


  1. Cassio Audi has affected the financial arena to a great extent with his skills and talent. The music field has been changed by him. He has got an enormous music talent and has written many successful songs and was an active member of a very famous musical group some years back.
  2. Cassio Audi is a renowned, senior financial management executive with immense experience in finance with public and private companies, startups and private equity funds.

Alexandre Gama: Selecting A Marketing Professional In Brazil

Are you searching for a reliable marketing or advertising expert in Brazil? Do you want to hire a reputable business or advertising professional to advise and guide you properly? If you need help reaching your potential customers in Brazil, you need to get in touch with Alexandre Gama – a top rated marketing and advertising consultant.

Alexandre Gama is a renowned advertising professional and marketing expert. Alexandre Gama is a successful entrepreneur and has a lot of experience in using efficient advertising and marketing solutions to attract the largest audience possible.

Alexandre Gama can help you with a wide variety of advertising and marketing issues and is well known for delivering on his promise

Every day, business owners and companies go online searching for the best advertising firms or agencies. Advertising or promoting a business is not an easy task but with the services provided by an expert like Alexandre Gama, you shouldn’t have any problem achieving the success you desire.

Business promotion or advertising takes great skill and expertise and Alexandre Gama comes highly recommended in the industry. Alexandre Gama creates ad campaigns that consistently perform effectively and yield great results.


Keith Mann: The Future Is Bright With Him Around

At times, the world can seem like a rather scary place and for good reason. There is a lot to worry about and sometimes it feels like help is not on the way and help is not coming. For the children in the Uncommon School Districts of Brooklyn help is on the way in the form of Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners. This is a man that is going out of his way to make sure the future is bright. As long as he is around, he will do everything in his power to make sure things are square and straight for everyone.


He has gone on record in the past and talked about an even playing field. He does not believe that the amount of money that a family makes should stop their kid from going to college and bettering themselves. When someone is in college, they learn a lot about themselves and it is a great experience that they won’t forget anytime soon. They learn the ups, the downs, and they make friends. However, if they are unable to go to college because of money, that makes it a lot harder. That is why Keith Mann is stepping up to the plate and doing something about it along with Dynamics Search Partners.


They recently held a fundraiser which raised over twenty-two thousand dollars for an upcoming Uncommon School that is going to be opening and for their testing. That is the level playing field that Keith Mann has been talking about and for good reason. There are a lot of untapped brains and untapped minds out there. They just need a few doors to open for them and when they are open, they are going to do some amazing things with them. They have the drive, the desire, and the passion to get it done.


In these types of cases, because they have been through so much and have had to overcome so much, they will work twice as hard as the average student. They know they belong and they are going to go out there and prove it.