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How Well Does Wen Conditioner Work?

It seems there’s always a new hair product on the amazon and ebay online market these days. More and more companies are including natural ingredients int their shampoos and conditioners, but Wen is perhaps one of the most well-known names when it comes to hair care. Bustle’s Emily McClure tried Wen hair conditioner for seven days, and had some pretty interesting things to say about it. If you’re on the fence about trying the product, this review may help.

At the beginning of the week-long experiment, McClure stated that she was surprised at the amount of WEN hair product that was needed for one conditioning treatment. According to the bottle instructions, individuals with long hair need to use up to 32 pumps of conditioner! After using the product for the first time, Emily noticed that her hair felt thicker right away.

Over the next few days, McClure said that her was was oilier, especially at the roots, but her hair was smooth. She did notice that her tresses lost their volume a little sooner than normal as well. By the fourth day, she was in a rush, and didn’t get a chance to wash her hair that morning. Her coif was greasy, and when she added curls to her hair, they fell flat pretty quickly.

Near the end of the week, McClure went out with friends, and they commented on how shiny her hair was. Overall, she recommended WEN hair conditioner for women who wash and style their hair daily. McClure also says that the product is ideal for naturally dry or thin hair.