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The growth of the OSI group under Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and the president of the OSI group of industries which is a leading supplier of food products globally. With an education background in accounting and finance, Sheldon Lavin ran a successful consulting and finance firm before joining the food processing industry 43 years ago. He started as an employee of Otto and Sons, a precursor of the OSI group of industries. He worked his way up to be the president and CEO of the OSI group.

After the retirement of his last remaining partner, Sheldon Lavin acquired a 100% controlling stake of the OSI group.

During his reign as the CEO, Sheldon Lavin has transformed the company from a small little-known family business to a leading global food processing group. In his tenure, he has actualized the expansion of the OSI group to over 70 facilities in 17 countries.

Sheldon Lavin has foreseen expansion in China, Australia, Japan, India, Philippines and South Africa. Sheldon has also increased the substantial presence of the OSI group in Brazil and Europe having employed over 20,000 employees with a revenue of more than $6 billion. Under his management, the OSI group has managed to feature in the top 50 global private organizations for a long time now.

With over 43 years experience in the food processing industry, Sheldon Lavin has attained various awards. Some of the awards include; Globe of honor award by the British Council. The award recognized his efforts to develop techniques that minimized pollution of the environment. Forbes also named the OSI group a leading firm in food processing.

Sheldon Lavins most prestigious award was the global visionary award of 2016 by the vision world academy of India. The award recognized Sheldon Lavin’s outstanding perseverance to make his dreams a reality despite any challenges. The award appreciated his efforts to transform the OSI group from a family business to a reputable global business.

Sheldon Lavin also involves in charities. Being philanthropic, he is actively involved in the Ronald Mcdonald House charity, Inner city Chicago foundation, Evans scholarship fund among others. In his line of duty, Sheldon believes people are the most significant asset in any business.

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OSI Group Is literally Worth Billions Of Dollars

Did you know that many of the same grocery stores, schools and businesses receive their food products from the same food server? The fact is that most businesses/companies who sell food products doesn’t have their very own farms to supply them. Food suppliers basically keep the world running on all cylinders. Without food you can’t live and you can’t live without food. Life is kind of like a catch 22 system to some degree. Did you know the United States is home to one of the top food suppliers in the world? That’s right! The company has actually been in business for over 100 years, and it has produced and supplied goods to many of the most popular food servers in history. This list includes the establishments of:

OSI Group is the name and providing custom food solutions is the game. OSI Group is an American staple. It’s headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but started out as a small meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. German immigrant OttoKolschowsky turned his idea into a full fledged success story. His small, family operated meat market produced some of the freshest beef products of its time and as of today, it is a worldwide leader in supplying foods.
• Starbucks
• Papa John’s Pizza
• McDonald’s
• Pizza Hut
• Subway
• And many more

OSI Group is literally worth billions of dollars thanks to its great services, its great food products, and its great way of doing business. The company has 20,000 employees that work in up to 65 facilities that span across 15 countries. Can you name another company with this much clout? Much of its success comes from business acquisitions. OSI Group now controls two of the worlds biggest and best food suppliers being Tyson Foods and Flagship Europe.

The benefits of OSI Group is very diverse, which includes processing, sourcing, distribution and development. This is simply supply and demand at its finest and nobody does it better than OSI Group.

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The OSI Group’s Recent Acquisitions Help To Expand The Company’s Global Reach

Widely considered to be one of the top 100 food companies in the U.S., the OSI Group produces and sells a wide variety of high quality foods. The company is based in Aurora, Illinois, and was founded in 1909.

As a leading supplier of various types of products to food service industry and retail brands, the OSI Group now operates more than 65 facilities in 17 countries.

Among the foods that are produced by the OSI Group are hot dogs, vegetable products, meat patties, fish and poultry products, pizza and bacon.

A thriving and forward-thinking company, the OSI Group purchased a 200,000 square-foot food production plant in 2016, that was previously operated by Tyson Foods. The purchase of this plant will allow the company to increase its production, and provide even better service to its clients. The new plant is also located near existing OSI Group buildings in Chicago.

Expanding its global reach, the OSI Group acquired a large British food service supplier named Flagship Europe in late 2016. Flagship Europe is a successful company that supplies food service businesses with products such as sauces, mayonnaise and frozen poultry. Additionally, the OSI Group produces frozen pastries and mini desserts, as well as a line of frozen gourmet sous-vide meals.

Through the years, the OSI Group has been officially recognized for its commitment to maintaining safe and environmentally healthy facilities. In 2017, the company’s British branch was awarded the International Safety Award for the eleventh time by the British Safety Council.

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