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Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Success

Thor Halvorssen grew up in an environment where human rights were constantly being violated. He knew that this was a problem but he also knew that this was something that he did not want anyone else to have to go through and worked to always fight toward making things better for everyone who has had issues with their own rights.

The answer to his wanting to help people out came in the form of the Human Rights Foundation. This is only a small foundation and is something that has allowed him to make a big difference. With a small staff, they are actually able to dig in and get their hands dirty when it comes to helping people out.

The foundation works to make sure that the people who they are helping are actually being helped and this allows them the chance to make things better for everyone who they have come into contact with.

Each time that the Human Rights Foundation finds out about an issue with human rights, they immediately begin to look into it. If they find that this is a credible violation, they will move forward toward correcting it.

Whether that means that they travel two states over or across the globe to begin protesting and doing different efforts to help people out, they start it right away. The process is very quick for the Human Rights Foundation and this is something that truly sets them apart from the other political activism associations that do the same things. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

It can be hard for people to understand, but Thor Halvorssen knows that it is important to help other people out. This is his own mission in his life and that is what he does most of the things that he does for. He does not believe that anyone should be violated against or that they should have to go through the peril of having their rights taken away from them.

Thor Halvorssen fights, constantly, to help diminish human rights violations and to ensure that people are getting the most opportunities possible when they are in different situations in different areas.

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