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How Can Health Screening Service Help You To Live A Healthy Life?

Human beings are not that strong like they think they are. Disease and illness are two of the most common factors that affect us. Back in the past, medical conditions were unluckily quite hard to treat because of the lack of education and technology. Facilities were far less in contrast to what we already have available these days. However, modern day progression and advancements have opened up whole new avenues for medicinal treatment and let us diagnose/treat health related problem quite effectively. And for that health screening company such as Lifeline Screening is allowing us to keep a check on our health.

All EKG and ultrasound screenings at Lifeline Screening are painless, easy, convenient and cheap so anyone can afford. The highly trained specialists use the latest equipment for lab-accurate results and to give you as much comfort as possible while taking tests. And the screening they offer at Lifeline Screening requires no to very little preparation. There are three types of screenings offered by Lifeline Screening: Ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings, and Limited electrocardiograph.

They use advanced Doppler color flow technology for ultrasound purpose. And due to their reliability and effectiveness, you can count on these advanced machines for ultrasound purpose. Lifeline also offers simple blood screenings through finger-stick which recognize significant risk factors for diabetes and heart disease.

Lifeline Screening also performs numerous tests such as HDL, LDL, Glucose Screening, hs-CRP, ALT/AST along with limited electrocardiograph to detect irregular heartbeat also known as atrial fibrillation, a common heart condition which expressively increases the stroke risk. So, to live a healthy life, it is good if you take precautions and go through such screening. Because such health screening will ultimately help you start living a healthy life. There is a famous saying for such occasion “Prevention is better than cure.”

Focus on InnovaCare Health’s Leadership

InnovaCare Health constantly improves its services and expands them to effectively meet all their clients’ expectations and needs. This has seen the company focus on all its processes to improve the experience its customers get. InnovaCare has been able to achieve all its goals and achievements due to sound leadership offered by its CEO Rick Shinto and CAO/COO Penelope Kokkinides. InnovaCare Health made an announcement recently on its participation in the new initiative that is geared towards reforming the payment methods present in the health system of the United States to other options that are far more effective. This shows that the company will not stop in its efforts to ensure clients receive the best services it can possibly offer.

InnovaCare Health Leadership

As stated above, a sound leadership has enabled the company reach its current stature. InnovaCare Health is headed by Rick Shinto who acts as its president and CEO. Shinto has a relevant experience in the managed healthcare industry spanning over two decades. This provides him with the expertise and skills necessary to run the company effectively. He was previously the president of Aveta Inc. (2008-2012). He used to be in Aveta’s management team before he rose to become its president. He holds a medical degree from State University of New York, Stony Brook and MBA from University of Redlands. Shinto has received an award from Ernst & Young in June 2012 (Entrepreneur of the Year Award). The award was to recognize his commitment to offering good services through the use of sustainable, cost effective and innovative models to satisfy client needs.

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Penelope Kokkinides on the other hand is the CAO of InnovaCare since June 2015. She had prebviously worked for Innovacare and Aveta as the chief operating officer. Before that Penelope had held the post of vice president (Clinical Operations) for Centerlight HealthCare. She has a long experience in the industry having been in it for two decades. Penelope holds a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University of Public Health.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health refers to a top provider of healthcare services in North America in the industry of managed healthcare. It is headquartered in New Jersey and serves over 200,000 people living n North America. InnovaCare has employed over 7500 practitioners in the health sector. The company is committed to offering the best services in the managed healthcare industry by taking advantage of the advancements in technology. InnovaCare Health places its patients’ interests first and prioritizes their satisfaction. This drives its desire to offer clients with the services they deserve.

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