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Wen By Chaz Dean Shampoos Transforming Hair writer Emily McClure was intrigued by the Twitter ads which featured women with shiny smooth hair. The informercials sought to advertise and make people aware of the amazing hair products availed by Wen by Chaz Dean. She decided to try it on her hair which was not doing so well health wise. Her experiment ran for a couple of days. Here is a brief over view of her finding.
After a hectic day and dirty hair she decided to start the experiment. Her hair which was dirty and unkempt desperately needed to be washed and conditioned. She decided to use the fig version of the shampoo on her hair. It is important to follow the instructions labeled in the container so that you can achieve the desired effects. The first thing she noticed was that her hair became smooth and felt as if she had grown more hair. Previously her hair used to fall off and make a mess in the bathroom, after using Wen shampoo she was amazed by the results. Her hair was getting healthier and conditioned as the days passed by. Her hair was shinny and had improved a lot. WEN hair products had changed her hair from its previous state. It can be evidenced that the products worked almost instantaneous bringing improvements and eliminating her bad hair days. Her friend from Allure Beauty Blog was impressed by the way her hair had transformed. On her final statement she states that the hair conditioner worked well for her and recommends it.

Wen by Chaz is a line of hair conditioner shampoos that have been designed to treat and improve malnourished hair. The products are manufactured using natural products eliminating side effects that might otherwise result from generic materials. The shampoos come in different lines with different scents that appeal to its users. It is affordable and worthwhile, since it will result in shiny and well blended hair.

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