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What is Money Reserve? The largest distribution of platinum coins, gold, and silver in the country issued by the U.S Government is what defines Money Reserve. The U.S Mint produces billions of coins, silver, proficient gold that are fully backed by the United States Government. When the need to provide knowledge and guidance when buying precious metals arose, veterans from the gold market formed the U.S Money Reserve in 2001.

Since its introduction, hundreds of thousands of clients have benefited financially and owning legit precious metals. Over the period, the U.S Money Reserve has gain popularity and trust in the ability to help customers choose coins that afford the highest value. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

Philip N. Diehl is the man behind the first-ever US Government-issued platinum coins quarter program launched in 50 states. According to Manta and Crunchbase, Philip N. Diehl served in the office of U.S Mint Director and the President of U.S Money Reserve.

Besides, billionaire investor by the name George Soros is greatly remembered to have struck the very first gold coins around 550 BC. George Soros shifted his focus to gold and gained mutual understanding and appreciation for the precious metal. The U.S Money Reserve customer service consists of exceptionally trained individuals with experience that exceeds one hundred (100), having professional knowledge in:

v Senior Gold specialists
v Industry leading numismatic expert
v Customer relations department
v Business support development
v Inventory department
v Vault and shipping department
v Coin research professionals
v Sales verification personnel
v Compliance and standards department.


If you walk with frogs, you will learn how to crawl, but if walk with eagles you will learn how to soar. The U.S Money Reserve, in this case, is the eagle that will teach you how to soar. The importance of buying precious metals from the professionals; the U.S Money Reserve is as follows;

ü Professionals, with vast experience and knowledgeable, will be at your service
ü You are 100% guaranteed to purchase the most outstanding precious metal on the market
ü They are trustworthy and as a client, you will receive advice on quality.
ü The U.S Money Reserve has served over three hundred thousand individuals
ü You will be offered free information kit, and gold alerts
ü Fast and insured shipping services
ü Free consultations from experts in the gold market

In conclusion, experts recommend that one of the safe methods to secure your future is by purchasing and owning a precious metal; gold, silver, and platinum. Precious metals offer the haven, especially in global economy uncertainty.

Visit or contact the U.S Money Reserve and take a strategic step to secure your future by owning a precious metal today before you meet face to face with economic instability.