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JustFab and the Buyer’s Revolution

JustFab represents the new way of retailing. These changes are taking people away from the malls in America and putting them back with friends and family having fun together; not wasting gas and time shopping in brick and mortar stores.

JustFab was founded in California, which has always led the nation in things new and dynamic. The founders of JustFab are Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler have created a business with style, interest, and choices to suit the stylish woman of today. The fashion offerings range from cutting edge to mainstream and the shoes, boot, bags, and clothes are highlighted in fashion settings showcasing rising stars and the exotically beautiful Angie Harmon.

The business model is based on a subscription service which allows JustFab to offer low prices for products which are high quality and stylish. The photography is professional and enticing; some offerings beg to be purchased and worn by happy and stylish customers of JustFab. It might be impossible for any woman to look at the website without making a purchase.

This on-line consumer revolution is definitely affecting the retail industry. The days of the brick and mortar store may soon be over. There is evidence of some malls, built in advance of the era of the super malls, being turned into offices and even warehouses. These strip malls would become vacated by shoppers when compared to the variety and excitement of the super-malls, and the lure of having more choices thanks to the size and layout of the super-mall. Those behemoth affairs had multiple choices for dining and everything retail. The strip mall may have had one of each type of store but the mega-mall gave shoppers choices. However they required walking from the huge parking lots, sometimes in bad weather, to store entrances and ambitious shoppers even walked the entire loop inside the weatherproof malls. Some older nearby residents of these super-malls were using the enclosed malls for their own gym; for walking exercise.

JustFab, as a subscription on-line discount retailer, offers the fun of fashion shopping and the experience of imagining yourself as an Angie Harmon attending a gala opening. The lure is here and the presentation by JustFab on their website is spot on, accurate and formatted like a woman’s style magazine. JustFab has the idea, the website, and the formula for success.


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