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Julie Zuckerberg The Ultimate Executive Recruiter

Locating, vetting and eventually hiring people to fill executive positions can be one of the most time consuming and expensive tasks for any company. The business world has become so competitive and complicated it is imperative a company have the right people working at the executive level. Therefore, a company will often rely on the expertise of a professional to make sure they are hiring the right person for the job. The men and women who perform these duties are known as executive recruiters. Julie Zuckerberg is just such a professional; she is one of the most highly thought of executive recruiters in the nation. Julie Zuckerberg lives in New York and is well known for her expertise in talent and management acquisition.


Julie Zuckerberg  has over fifteen years experience in this very demanding field. She has worked for several major companies and is currently with Deutsche Bank, serving as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead. She is a graduate of the City University of New York and holds a degree in Philosophy. Her recruiting career began with Hudson, a New York-based global recruitment company where she stayed for five years. Moving to Citi Global Consumer Bank in 2007, where she remained for six years, she was named vice president and executive recruiter. While at Citi Global she advised on all phases of hiring, including strategies, compensation, and available talent. She also was in charge of making complicated job offers that might involve such issues as deferred awards, immigration concerns, and relocation issues. Julie was awarded the Executive Recruiter position for Citi Consumer Bank. In 2013 she decided to leave Citi Global and accept a position with the New York Life Insurance Company. Her tenure with New York Life was short; Julie stayed for only four months, while there, Julie was in charge of building client relationships. For the next year and eight months, she was the executive recruiter for Talent Acquisition, and in November 2015 she accepted her current position with Deutsche Bank. Besides the posts already mentioned Julie Zuckerberg is also frequently hired by legal firms, financial institutions and corporations to mitigate employment issues and work with and coach employees.


While attending New York Brooklyn College, where she was studying Philosophy, her interests changed, and she moved to New York Law School where she became interested in talent acquisition. Julie says she was fortunate to have great teachers and mentors in her life. These educators and mentors inspired her to improve her skills and groomed her for the outstanding career she now enjoys.


Julie Zuckerberg is as active and successful in her personal life as she is in her profession. Her hobbies include running, photography, studying technology and enjoying gourmet food. Julie is interested in many causes and volunteers her time in support of arts and culture, animal welfare, civil rights, human rights, and economic empowerment.


Sawyer Howitt Helps to Elevate Meriwether to Higher Grounds

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur. He started working for his father David Howitt’s company,the Meriwether Group, at the age of 17. The Meriwether Group is a company with the newest technology that has a bright future to come. They offer support startups for businesses to grow. They focus on those companies that may have equity and debt. Their goal ultimately is to change lives through the products and services they offer. They want to make a difference in society. Sawyer Howitt is the young project manager for the Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) is responsible for bringing the ideas and strategies of the company to life.

Sawyer Howitt is currently a high school senior. Throughout his high school career, he has mainly focused his studies and efforts on business and finance. He participated in internships in order to prepare him. Although he is young, that hasn’t put any restrictions on his abilities. He has a wide range of knowledge like creating complicated spreadsheets and presentations for meetings. He has been involved in a variety of organizations. He has led different study groups and has helped to mentor other young kids around his age. He has set out to obtain a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University.

Sawyer Howitt has proven that no job is too big for him. He is still learning the business. He is soon to become a mastermind in finance and business.

View Sawyer Howitt’s page for more information.

Whitney Wolfe Wants To Change Online Dating

Whitney Wolfe’s isn’t even 30 years old and she has managed to make her voice known in the world of business. At only 26 years old she is one of the most prominent CEOs thanks to her dating app Bumble. Prior to her launch of Bumble Whitney was working at Tinder, but something about Tinder struck a nerve with. She wanted to create something that would shake up the online dating scene. Whitney Wolfe listened to many women discuss what they liked and didn’t like about online dating. This moment is where she got the idea for Bumble.

How She Made Her Choice To Create Bumble

The decision to create Bumble came after Wolfe left Hatch Labs due to sexual harassment. Her experience with sexual harassment changed her might about online dating and she didn’t like how Tinder was dealing with the issue. The idea popped in her head that it would be much better to simply make her own dating app. Thus came about the existence of Bumble. In many ways the app is similar to what we might expect from Tinder but with a key difference. Women always make the first move with Bumble in contrast to what you might see with other dating apps.

What The Market Has To Say

The best way to find out if an idea is popular is to look at what people have to say about it and to look at whether or not it sales. So far, Bumble is profoundly popular among many people with millions making matches every year. It has some catching up to do before it reaches the heights of Tinder, but it’s clear Bumble has everything it takes to reach those heights and so much more.

Read Whitney Wolfe’s interview with Austin Women Magazine for more information.

What MB2 Dental Is All About

MB2 Dental Solutions provides independently owned and operated dental practices services that help them run efficiently and more cost effectively. This allows the dentist the ability to put his focus on providing the highest levels of patient care and standards while maintaining complete clinical autonomy. MB2 Dental Solutions is based in Carrollton, Texas, and works with dentists in Texas, Lousiana, Tennessee, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Alaska.

MB2 was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva and he serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company. In the past, he has worked in the field of dentistry in a variety of capacities including owning his own practice and as an Associate Dentist Trainer. In running his own practice as well as being involved in group practices he gained first-hand knowledge of the problems and frustrations that exist when handling the business aspects of running them. To address this he came up with MB2 which would combine the positive parts of running a practice while limiting the negative experiences. Some of the other members of the leadership team at MB2 are President Justin Puckett, Chief Operating Officer Justin Carroll, Chief Financial Officer Mark Fuller, and Martha Alikacem, Esq who is the Chief Revenue Officer.

The overlying vision of MB2 is to provide their associated dentists with the ability to fully focus on providing dental care to their patients. By handling the business functions of running a practice MB2 gives dentists the freedom to put their full attention on quality dental work. The company has established four values that they follow. The first is excellence through taking pride in their work and continuous improvement. The second value is teamwork where everyone is given the opportunity to use their strengths. The value of integrity where the company acts ethically, honestly, and with respect to their clients, employees, and partners. The last value is innovation where they give support to new ideas and embrace change.

MB2 Dental Solutions is able to offer their affiliated dentists a full suite of resources to run their practices. Among the services they provide to the dentists are human resources, compliance, billing and collections, marketing, training, and IT services. Everything that goes into the practice outside of the direct relationship between the dentist and their patients can be handled by MB2 Dental Solutions.

The History of Solo Capital Market and Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is an England based global boutique institution founded by Sanjay Shah presumably in September of 2011. The company’s headquarters are in England, therefore it is regulated by the United Kingdom. Shah and his company have made countless notable and positive changes in the industry and global market as a whole since it’s incorporation.

Shah started off working in the finance industry but after several years in accounting he didn’t feel he was reaching his potential. During the financial crisis in 2008, he was one of the many affected individuals of the corporate cutbacks. At this point he decided to follow his goals and move out of the finance industry and out of employment for good.

At that point, Sanjay Shah rented a small room just outside of London. This room would eventually turn into his office and he started the now flourishing brokerage firm. He started off with just a few employees but today has thousands of people working for the company.

Shah’s parents lived in Kenya and moved to the United Kingdom when Shah was still little. His parents were fairly well off and moved into a distinguished area of London.  He started studying medicine but felt decided that wasn’t the field for him. Shah is now 43 years old, has offices in Dubai and London, and has amassed enough money to be considered retired.

Solo Capital has made huge waves and Sanjay Shah has made a major impact on the business world. However the charity work Shah has been doing has been really gaining him the spotlight. Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism at age two.

Shah wanted to become involved in the research and better understand autism. He founded a new organization working on funding research and developing programs for public awareness. The organization, Autism Rocks, came from an idea Shah had while sharing a cup of tea with musician Snoop Dogg.


Read more about Solo Capital:


How Helane Morrison Has Made It Her Mission To Change The Corporate World

Often untold in the great success stories of the business world, are stories of women who have risen above the norms of the day and placed their names right alongside the men who have achieved success. Most have probably heard of people like Susan McGalla, former CEO of American Eagle, and Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of HP and recent Republican presidential candidate. But included among these women is Helane Morrison, the Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. Morrison has done tremendous work in America’s financial sector, hunting down businessmen who’ve run Ponzi schemes, and enforcing the law on institutions who’ve tried to cut corners.

According to XRepublic, Morrison’s original interest was journalism when she got her B.S. from Northwestern University, but she gradually turned her focus to law and went to Berkley where she was editor-in-chief of the California Law Review journal before getting her J.D. Morrison clerked for both Judge Richard Posen of the Seventh District’s Court Of Appeals, and Chief Justice Harry Blackmun of the US Supreme Court.

She went into private law practice serving as an attorney for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin, a local California law firm. Her cases primarily involved civil suits or criminal prosecutions against shady business dealings and corrupt organizations, and she was good at what she did that the firm made her a partner in just 5 years. After 10 years of private practice, the SEC hired Helane as Head of Enforcement in their San Francisco office. Morrison’s jurisdiction included almost the whole Pacific Northwest, and during her 9-year stint with the SEC she brought down quite a few notable businessmen who were engaged in illegal trading activities.

After 9 years with the SEC, Helane decided it was time to not just fight against bad investment firms, but to be a part of a good one that people could trust. That’s when she decided to go to Hall Capital Partners, a wealth management and investment firm run by all female executives. As Chief Compliance Officer, Morrison uses the legal knowledge she has gained to make sure that clients’ funds are being invested in safe, legal vehicles and that the firm is compliant with all financial laws. In addition to serving at Hall Capital Partners, Morrison is also a part of the Regional Parks Foundation in California.

From Yoga Studio to Nightclub: Kate Hudson Designs With Every Woman in Mind

Actress and co-founder Kate Hudson has been making headlines with Facebook’s Fabletics page, an activewear line designed to bridge the gap between luxury and accessibility. Launched in 2013, the Fabletics missions is simple: to offer stylish and high quality gear at a price that includes all women and lifestyle needs.
In a recent chat with and in, handle Hudson opened up about the debut of her new line of athleisure dresses, as well as swimwear, for Fabletics. Taking her passion for attractive activewear to the next level, Hudson tells Marie Claire, “We’re taking the active girl, taking her out on the town, and keeping her casual!” Using the same trademark high performance materials, the dresses are designed to offer comfort and mobility, as well as a flattering silhouette, to standard nightlife attire. A few of the dresses, such as the Tropez dress, have built-in bras, adding further ease and support. “High fashion companies like Alaia and Hervé Leger also make dresses that suck you in,” Hudson says,”and that’s basically what we’re doing with these—at a price that’s more affordable.”

The new line of Fabletics swimwear is also intended to offer sturdy and stylish support for the performance focused, with pieces such as the Raquel bikini top and Halah Maillot cut out one-piece designed for beach loungers and yoga enthusiasts alike. “We want people to feel like they’re protected in our clothes without compromising a little bit of sexiness and femininity,” Hudson says.

That refusal to compromise quality for the sake of cost has no doubt contributed to the steadily growing Youtube brand loyalty, and Hudson praises the company’s model for allowing them to create athleisure high fashion at an affordable price. On the Fabletics website Hudson encourages women to lead healthy and active lives, and reiterates to Marie Claire that “our company’s really about motivating people to get on board and be healthy (and fit!). So it’s important for us to be able to reach a broader spectrum of people.”

Dick DeVos: Maintaining Bonds and Strengthening Ties

Dick DeVos has thrown his support behind Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. With the departure of former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, from the race for the Republican nomination, Sen. Rubio seemed to be the best choice for Mr. DeVos to endorse, as he and his family have been a part of the Florida community for many years. While Michigan is home to the DeVos family the Orlando Magic basketball team are also part of their family and they maintain homes in the Vero Beach, Florida area.

Mr. DeVos’s endorsement of Marco Rubio is a continuation of their relationship going back to the mid-2000s when they met while trying to open the way for a larger school choice for people. While he waited to give his endorsement, Mr. DeVos felt that Marco Rubio was the right choice, and this seems to fall in line with the families philanthropic principles as shown by their most recent reports of giving.
According to an article in Michigan Live, the DeVos family, including patriarch Richard Devos & wife, as well as Dick’s brothers, having given a lifetime total of $1.2 billion not including their political donation. More recent totals include $94 million for the year 2014 and close to $91 million for 2013. The article states that “In total, the DeVoses donated $90.9 million in 2013, with 48 percent going to education, 27 percent to health and community services, 13 percent to churches or faith-based organizations, and 12 percent to arts and culture.”   Dick weighs in on the House of Cards episode here in an exclusive interview to tell his portion of the happenings.
With his support of Marco Rubio for President, Dick DeVos has continued a tradition of leadership that he has continued to show throughout his lifetime. From helping the family business, Amway, in its humble beginnings in his childhood basement, to diving head first into the thick of things for the company when most young men would be enjoying the first years of college, to becoming a vice-president at 29 with a responsibility that covered 18 countries as this Amway heir has done, Dick has had an impressive career. He was even offered the position of ambassador to the Netherlands by George Bush, which he graciously declined to focus his efforts on his business at the Windquest Group and his dedication to making the state of Michigan as successful as possible.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

Learn more about Dick’s lucrative career on his LinkedIn profile.

Coriant Lands a New Customer in Asia

One of Asia’s main Internet hubs, Chief Telecom, recently selected Coriant as the provider to increase Chief Telecom’s Data Center Interconnect (DCI) services. Chief Telecom is one of the largest providers in Taiwan.

Coriant is a leading supplier of network equipment and technologies. Its history begins in Munich Germany, in the Transmission Technology department of Siemens. Those researchers took Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH) and improved and transformed it into Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH). The technology continued to evolve, and by the early 2000s they created Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), which enables even greater capacity for transmission, around a terabit per second. It’s also called optical transport network (OTN).

As the technology advanced, the business structures merged and morphed. Siemens became Nokia Siemens Networks Optical Networks. Nokia Siemens spun Coriant off as a separate company in 2013, under the ownership of Martin Equity. Later, Martin Equity merged Coriant with Tellabs.

The CEO of Coriant is Shaygan Kheradpir, an experienced information technology business executive. He went to Cornell University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, as well as a master’s and doctoral degree in the same subject. He was born in London, but grew up in Iran. He joined GTE Laboratories in 1987, where he helped develop network routing, and gained respect for delivering new products.

When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to create Verizon Communications, Kheradpir became president of the division for e-business. Eventually he became Verizon’s first Chief Information Officer. Under his leadership, they diversified into more services in telecommunications. In January 2014 he took over as CEO of Juniper Networks. Later, he joined Martin Equity, and in September 2015 he became Chairman and CEO of Coriant, replacing Pat Pietro.

Coriant is a provider of optical network equipment and technologies for the Backbone network, handling data, video and mobile. It has a number of international customers, including China Unicom and Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC). Products include Transcend SDN Solution (Software Defined Networking) and Transport Network Management System (TNMS). Their technological solutions include Universal Switching and Transport and ROADMs. They help out mobile network operators, cable MSOs and rural network operators.

Chief Telecom chose Coriant’s hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform, which will help them keep up with the business demand for cloud-based services.

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