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Alexandre Gama Proves Himself To Be A global Advertising Success

The world of advertising can be a tough one to conquer and remain at the very top of for a prolonged period of time, but Brazilian creative Alexandre Gama has done just that for more than 30 years. Gama began his career in 1982 as a copywriter in New York and has continued ever since with a global flavor as the native of Rio de Janeiro also kept a close eye on his home market of Brazil.

Alexandre Gama has achieved a number of notable first for a Brazilian advertising and marketing creative, particularly in the way his work has been received on a global level; Gama has seen his work rewarded at the prestigious Cannes Festival where he was also the first Brazilian professional to give a master class on advertising and marketing. The work of Alexandre Gama has also been seen as possessing an artistic flair unmatched by the majority on the global advertising industry and has included his work being shown as part of a Brazilian modern art exhibition.

The partnership Alexandre Game signed to link his own Neogama creative company and the British based BBH advertising giant saw Gama become the first Brazilian to act as the Global Chief Creative Officer for a major international advertising agency.