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Why Gold Is A Good Investment

Today here is a lot of controversy concerning any investment. Nevertheless, some investors are still putting their money into the once universal currency gold. It remains a popular choice for several reasons.



Investing in gold can help you diversify your personal portfolio and thus lower your investment risk. Gold often moves inversely to the stock market and currency values and is thereby a truly effective diversification tool.


Gold Is Used As An Input In Products

Gold is used in making many things including electronics and jewelry. Hence, there is a reliable demand which somewhat stabilizes its price. When there is a greater demand, the price of gold rises.


Gold Holds Its Value

Gold holds its value over time. Economists state that even if the price of gold decreases, the actual value doesn’t change significantly. After all, there is only so much gold because it’s a commodity.


Hedge Against Inflation

When inflation kicks in gold goes up in value. Gold is priced in U.S. dollars. If the dollar deteriorates the price of gold rises. Ergo, during times of inflation, gold is actually much more stable than cash.



It’s easy to convert gold into cash anywhere across the globe. Other than cash, the universality, and liquidity of gold is unparalleled.


Universally Desired Investment

Gold remains a universal commodity. Unlike gold, securities, currency futures and currency futures around the world are vulnerable to political chaos.


Where Does One Buy Gold?

The U.S. Money Reserve, Inc. has become one of the largest private distributors of U.S. and foreign government-issued gold, silver and platinum legal tender products in the world. Since their beginning in 2001, literally, hundreds of thousands of customers count on them to efficiently diversify their assorted assets with physical precious metals, mainly in the form of U.S. silver and gold coins. The U.S. Money Reserve are said to have a unique and well-trained staff.


Their team includes a number of specialists. Their personnel includes numismatic experts and noteworthy coin researchers. They have up-to-date knowledge of the market and are capable of locating various products that offer investors the highest potential profit for buyers of precious metals at every level. U.S. Money Reserve, Inc. is said by those who know to rise above the industry standard in terms of customer service. Based in Austin, Texas, they strive to create long-term relationships with all their clients.

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Focus on InnovaCare Health’s Leadership

InnovaCare Health constantly improves its services and expands them to effectively meet all their clients’ expectations and needs. This has seen the company focus on all its processes to improve the experience its customers get. InnovaCare has been able to achieve all its goals and achievements due to sound leadership offered by its CEO Rick Shinto and CAO/COO Penelope Kokkinides. InnovaCare Health made an announcement recently on its participation in the new initiative that is geared towards reforming the payment methods present in the health system of the United States to other options that are far more effective. This shows that the company will not stop in its efforts to ensure clients receive the best services it can possibly offer.

InnovaCare Health Leadership

As stated above, a sound leadership has enabled the company reach its current stature. InnovaCare Health is headed by Rick Shinto who acts as its president and CEO. Shinto has a relevant experience in the managed healthcare industry spanning over two decades. This provides him with the expertise and skills necessary to run the company effectively. He was previously the president of Aveta Inc. (2008-2012). He used to be in Aveta’s management team before he rose to become its president. He holds a medical degree from State University of New York, Stony Brook and MBA from University of Redlands. Shinto has received an award from Ernst & Young in June 2012 (Entrepreneur of the Year Award). The award was to recognize his commitment to offering good services through the use of sustainable, cost effective and innovative models to satisfy client needs.

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Penelope Kokkinides on the other hand is the CAO of InnovaCare since June 2015. She had prebviously worked for Innovacare and Aveta as the chief operating officer. Before that Penelope had held the post of vice president (Clinical Operations) for Centerlight HealthCare. She has a long experience in the industry having been in it for two decades. Penelope holds a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University of Public Health.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health refers to a top provider of healthcare services in North America in the industry of managed healthcare. It is headquartered in New Jersey and serves over 200,000 people living n North America. InnovaCare has employed over 7500 practitioners in the health sector. The company is committed to offering the best services in the managed healthcare industry by taking advantage of the advancements in technology. InnovaCare Health places its patients’ interests first and prioritizes their satisfaction. This drives its desire to offer clients with the services they deserve.

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Achieving Advanced Online Status

The world has recently witnessed a rise in the use of the internet. The Internet is being utilized by many people to market their goods, find apartments, or even search for jobs.

Online Information

The internet has also created an online environment where people share and communicate different media. The most important are the rate and type of shared information. There is a need for reasonable maximum control over the information shared on these ever expanding online forums. says it is important to avail professional and proper information on the online platforms for better reputations especially when employers or potential business clients search for you on the internet. You should worry of prospective employers getting the reproachful attitude towards you when they search your name in the online search engines such as Google. You are supposed to manage your online information by keeping a critical eye on what other people think of you when they search your name or company.

Taking Proactive Measures to Sustain Better Online Reputations

You can also sustain your online character by the continuous deployment of proactive measures to improve the information that online searchers perceive of you. You should take action to remove negative information about your name or business. You should ensure that you eliminate the negative reviews about your business posted by bothered clients. You only discover decent online character through the posting of accurate online material information. You can do so by using full names on the major online forums. You need to avoid engagement to embarrassing or offensive sites.

Correcting Reproach Online Reputations

You can also take steps to fix a messed up online character. You might consider removing the embarrassing posts that could trouble you and your marketing strategies forever. You can also adjust your online character by modifications to your names to avoid the instances where your name search could match with offensive online characters. You can also consider not repeating the old mistakes to prevent future harm of online information. You need to employ better online information management strategies to accomplish final search engine results when potential consumers or employers look out for you or your company on the web.


How Small Businesses Can Built Positive Reputation

With the rising competition in the online business world, small businesses are facing challenging times trying to survive let alone remain relevant. Most of them have tried to invest highly in marketing but there seems no positive feedback from the market. However, this is not to mean the small businesses cannot survive in the highly contested market.

All they need to do is work on their reputation to make customers understand why they deserve to be categorized among leading companies. Online reputation management effort is one of the easiest ways small businesses can ensure their effect is felt across different platforms. Bad mentions, even if once, could render any marketing efforts futile.


Before entering into the competitive market, a business needs to seek publicity and create an image that differentiates them from the rest. Self promotion methods like web advertising are among best methods the business can use to emerge successful online.

There are many tools that a business can use to market their presence online and ensure they remain relevant. Writing high-quality content is also a method that small businesses can use when promoting themselves online and this is for long term benefits.

Embrace directory listings

The Vanguard explains that most buyers before using a site first go to directory listings to check whether the website is authentic and registered. Having your business featured in one of the leading listings could boost its reputation since this will make customers to believe they are dealing with reliable sellers. Everyone fears getting scammed so performing due diligence is part of the modern online shopper.

Encourage reviews

Many businesses don’t want to do reviews simply because they feel some negative information could be posted about them. However, this is not advisable since the feedback shared by customers should act like pillars to strengthen your business.

Successful businesses pick the information shared and analyze the problem then they improve their system based on the complaints shared by customers. This strategy works in most cases, so you should allow a page where customers can post their reviews showing how they felt contacting your business.


Madison Street works to improve its image

Unlike a lot of other international investment firms, Madison Street Capital is not located on New York’s celebrated Madison Avenue. It’s located on Madison Street in Chicago.

Investors from all over the world come to Madison Street Capital seeking advisory services on or about publicly and privately held businesses.

Brokers at Madison Street Capital are noted for the time sensitivity in making investments, responding quickly in an ever-changing market. But each investor is treated as an individual, with Madison Street Capital benefiting from the experience, knowledge and relationships which occur in the world of capital investments.

That expertise and experience covers all areas of finance in the corporate world, leading to a vast knowledge of the world of finance, from the smallest to the largest investments. Knowing markets is the key to the success of Madison Street Capital.

Hundreds of investors have come to Madison Street Capital over the years for help in managing hundreds of industry verticals with the goal of reaching an objective in a timeline that qualifies for the most equity in the financial assets.

Madison Street Capital sees its success in understanding all areas of corporate finance as well as corporate government interests. The firm is known as a primary asset to corporate finance advisory serves, including M&A.

And despite its headquartered in Chicago, Madison Street Capital has offices in not only the U.S., but in Asia and Africa, giving the firm a global view of investment opportunities.

That global view of financial markets has also led to a global view of the needs of countries suffering from tragedies such as hurricanes, famine and pestilence. One way Madison Street Capital is working to create strong business contacts in groups all over America and other countries is through supplying the needs of organizations such as the United Way. Madison Street Capital tries to establish better relationships with the clients its serves by helping, through philanthropic measures, local and global communities that are in trouble. With this, it’s easy to see Madison Street Capital reputation grow.

The United Way, based in Alexandria, Virginia, uses a national network of partners and strong public help to improve the lives and modernize communities, as well as making changes in communities through partnerships with government agencies, schools, businesses, financial industries, and perhaps most of all, the people who come forth to help the needy.

The primary way United Way works is by identifying and resolving important community issues. In 2008, Main Street Capital began a 10-year program aimed at improving education and helping cities, states and local and regional governments, as well as nationwide agencies, gain financial stability and improve the lot of the average person. The firm plans to work with families and individuals to get them on the road to financial independence within that stated timeframe.

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Lovaganza Films

Lovaganza’s purpose is to entertain and unite people all across the world while expressing multiple cultures in different areas. Lovaganza believes the first step towards a healthy World is to understand what connects each of us as well as what makes us unique. The celebration of Lovaganza called UNITY involves locations in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Oceania with a bohemian style approach to the upcoming celebration. The theme of the 2020 event is “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.” Lovaganza wants people to experience culture from all periods of history in all parts of Earth, with exhibits and entertainment in worldwide events on The events will occur in eight different locations called “flagships”.

Lovaganza uses IMMERSCOPE “traveling theaters”, or Lovaganza’s Caravan, to advertise the UNITY event and movies being produced by using 180° “new glassless 3D technology screens”. The mobile pavilion is set to hit the road sometime in the year 2017. Inside the caravan people will be able to discover different cultures through the immersive experience of “The Marvelous 12” animated series. In 2020 the major motion picture films being released in Lovaganza are set not only to be shown in Lovaganza’s traveling show, but also to be shown in local 2D and 3D theaters. Teasers and screen testing for some movies have already released on their official online website, for “The Sunshine Shop” and “Convoy.”

The world wide festival wants to create nostalgia in a “classic Cinerama feel” and includes a multitude of different activities inside the tent grounds. The Main Show “Extravaganza of Love” will showcase Lovaganza’s UNITE festivities stage production under the “Grand Chapiteau”, the main Pavilion of the Celebrations is a show with actors, dancers, performers, and acrobats working on stage together to showcase the cultures of the World. With Immerscope’s new 360° glass-less 3D wraparound screens “Extravaganza of Love” will feature breathtaking landscapes on Earth.

Lovaganza has three major celebration planned for the future starting with UNITY in 2020 followed by the next Lovaganza events PEACE, ABUNDANCE, and BETA WORLD. ( Each celebration is currently set to last one month each. Music, live events, and attractions of different kinds will couple with the technology of today, and the world of today.

GTL Issues Grossly Inaccurate Press Release

Securus Technologies is one of the leading private companies in the US. The independent firm offers criminal and civil technology services to correctional facilities and centers in the country. The institution recently issued some corrections to a press release that was from GTL. The inaccurate press release was published in September, and the management in Securus said that it was inaccurate and misleading. The incorrect information was about the patents filed by Securus.


The president of Securus Technologies says that his company files the patents for the same reasons GTL does. The information from GTL was false, and it was only showing that the institution did not have enough software products to work in the corrections and law enforcement department. Stay up to date with Securus on


This is not the first time GTL is issuing inaccurate information to the public. Smith says that he expected the organization to issue statements that were factually incorrect. The institution has given the carries in the industry a bad name because of this behavior, and it disgusts many people. GTL had signed an agreement with Securus Technology ten years ago, and they agreed that they would use the patents in Securus. The agreement was done in writing, but they are now disregarding the history they have with the company.


Customers who depend on Securus Technologies such as jails, prisons, inmates, families and friends count on the private institution to develop and also implement solutions to the problems that are facing. The company feels that it was wrong for GTL to spoil this reputation.


Securus Technologies is based in Texas at the moment, and it serves over three thousand law enforcement, public safety, and correctional facilities. The company is respected for providing emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, communication, monitoring products, and investigations. The company has been very successful in its operations, and it is considered to be a leader in the market at the moment.


Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Success

Thor Halvorssen grew up in an environment where human rights were constantly being violated. He knew that this was a problem but he also knew that this was something that he did not want anyone else to have to go through and worked to always fight toward making things better for everyone who has had issues with their own rights.

The answer to his wanting to help people out came in the form of the Human Rights Foundation. This is only a small foundation and is something that has allowed him to make a big difference. With a small staff, they are actually able to dig in and get their hands dirty when it comes to helping people out.

The foundation works to make sure that the people who they are helping are actually being helped and this allows them the chance to make things better for everyone who they have come into contact with.

Each time that the Human Rights Foundation finds out about an issue with human rights, they immediately begin to look into it. If they find that this is a credible violation, they will move forward toward correcting it.

Whether that means that they travel two states over or across the globe to begin protesting and doing different efforts to help people out, they start it right away. The process is very quick for the Human Rights Foundation and this is something that truly sets them apart from the other political activism associations that do the same things. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

It can be hard for people to understand, but Thor Halvorssen knows that it is important to help other people out. This is his own mission in his life and that is what he does most of the things that he does for. He does not believe that anyone should be violated against or that they should have to go through the peril of having their rights taken away from them.

Thor Halvorssen fights, constantly, to help diminish human rights violations and to ensure that people are getting the most opportunities possible when they are in different situations in different areas.

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Get Your Event Done Right with an Event Planner that Suits You

With the right tips in mind, hiring an outside event planner in NYC should not be a difficult task. Always remember to take your time when sourcing for event planners in NYC to make sure that you get it right. Great event planners will guarantee you a memorable event and to find them in New York follow the steps below.
1. Come up with the objectives you would like to achieve through your event.
2. Establish the reasons why you need to seek the services of an event planner.
3. Make a proper budget.
4. Do an extensive research for a qualified event planner.
5. Rely on professional affiliations to direct you to the best event planners available.
6. Rely on the local chambers of hotels and commerce to direct you to event planners with a reputation for delivering services in a particular niche.
7. Out of the list of your qualified candidates, select three to interview
8. Give the planner details about your event so that you can assess how they plan to run your event.
9. Have a face-to-face conversation with your planners to build rapport with them.
10. Ensure that you check the references on your event planners to establish their history on event planning.
11. Select one event planner and get to listen to their ideas on how they will handle your event.
12. Let the event planner that you have selected present you with their budget of the event to see if you will have the ability to fund it.
13. Negotiate terms to suit you and always seek the help of a lawyer to review the fine print.
14. Work together with your event planner to ensure everything goes right and confirm details.
15. Always be ready to fire an event planner if their services do not satisfy you to the maximum.
About Twenty Three Layers
Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in New York. The firm plans both formal and casual events. It works together with the most sought-after vendors and exclusive establishments to deliver top-notch events. The services it offers are venue selection, catering, floral design, photography, entertainment, lighting, branding, styling and custom printing.

The Next-Generation Real Estate Firm

Town Residential is a fast growing real estate firm that was founded by Andrew Heiberger as its chief executive in 2010. Heiberger also founded Citi Habitat in 1994, and later sold it to NRT LLC. Citi Habitat was also a real estate brokerage that focused majorly on rental. He is a real estate broker and a licensed attorney. Heiberger serves as the Board of governors of the Real Estate Board of New York.


Town Residential is a real estate firm that deals with luxury residential properties. Town Residential has approximately 201 – 500 employers. Its main focus is on new development marketing and residential estate sales and rentals. It has managed to become one of the best real estate firms in New York. It was ranked among the top 10 largest residential brokerages in Manhattan by The Real Deal. By September 2016, Town Residential had 7 locations in Manhattan.


Town Residential has managed to deliver quality results in the current real estate market, all thanks to its executive members that are closely working together. They are experienced, innovative and has always put into practice strong business principles in the day to day management of Town Residential. Their approach is simple and multi-dimensional and gives priority to sales, rentals and marketing of new development. Town Residential has its strengths like exceptional customer service, transparency and adequate information on their neighborhoods. Their purchase process comprises of professional guidance as well as dissemination of accurate information in regards to the property of interest.


On September 2013, Town Residential managed to lease an office in the meatpacking district. That was its 10th outpost within its 3 years of operation. That was a move to bring easy access to residential neighborhood along the Hudson. The leasing deal is meant to last for 15 years and the entire 2nd floor of 446W14th St., The 7,100 square-foot space is currently occupied by Town residential. The new space is supposed to attract brokers as well as symbolize Town Residential as an exemplary brand in real estate market setting it apart from other real estate firm. The landlord of the leased property is none other than Joseph Sitt who is also the co-owner of Town Residential as well as the founder of Thor Equities. His partnership with Town Residential has been beneficial as it puts Town Residential in an upper hand during the leasing of the 446W unlike the other potential tenants.


According to Crain’s, Town Residential is among the best places to work in New York City. The rating was done after several of their employees had given positive reviews about their working terms and conditions. Town Residential absorbed Thomas and Ingram in 2013 into their Meatpacking District office. Thomas and Ingram is a boutique brokerage that focuses majorly on the West Village sales. Town Residential has recently opened other outlets in the high profile locations. Its headquarters are on the ground floor o 33Irvin Place. Town Residential is a top real estate brokerage firm that has had outstanding performance, it is has excellent track records and exemplary performance.