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Global Economy Since Trump

Working with Capital Group, Timothy Armour has amassed over 33 years of experience working in the investment industry. Before coming to Capital Group, Tim obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics, studying at Middlebury College.

Previously, Tim worked for Capital as an equity investment analyst. He managed global telecommunications and United States service companies. Tim entered work at the Capital Group through his participation in The Associates Program. He currently holds the positions of chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc.and chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee, along with the title of equity portfolio manager. Mr. Armour is based out of Los Angeles.

According to Mr. Armour, some of the major financial themes to pay attention to in the coming year will include interest rates. The federal government recently raised rates for the second time in 2 years. However, the single most important issue for Armour is corporate earnings. Corporate earnings growth will rely heavily on the expansion of global domestic product around the world, rather than solely in the United States. According to Armour, the public expectation since the election is for global product growth.

Another huge factor for Tim Armour this year is the fact that in recent years there has been a sizable decline to the rate of growth in the United States relative to the rate of growth outside of the United States. According to Timothy Armour, the goal of the public should almost certainly be to get the global economy working at the proper level of efficiency. In Armour’s mind there are a few questions that need to be thought of going into today’s market. Which businesses will thrive with high interest rates? Which will fumble. Will inflation come into play? This would also change which industries would thrive.

Companies that have a lot of pricing power would actually do much better in an economy touched by inflation. According to Armour, the market since the election is telling us that we are in a key moment of inflation. Banks, for example, were not exactly doing stellar if one looks at statistics before the election. As the election drew near, things changed. Post-election, banks are doing extremely well. They benefit from higher interest rates. These are the sorts of things that Tim Armour considers to be the important factors to look at today, from a purely economic minded perspective.

What MB2 Dental Is All About

MB2 Dental Solutions provides independently owned and operated dental practices services that help them run efficiently and more cost effectively. This allows the dentist the ability to put his focus on providing the highest levels of patient care and standards while maintaining complete clinical autonomy. MB2 Dental Solutions is based in Carrollton, Texas, and works with dentists in Texas, Lousiana, Tennessee, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Alaska.

MB2 was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva and he serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company. In the past, he has worked in the field of dentistry in a variety of capacities including owning his own practice and as an Associate Dentist Trainer. In running his own practice as well as being involved in group practices he gained first-hand knowledge of the problems and frustrations that exist when handling the business aspects of running them. To address this he came up with MB2 which would combine the positive parts of running a practice while limiting the negative experiences. Some of the other members of the leadership team at MB2 are President Justin Puckett, Chief Operating Officer Justin Carroll, Chief Financial Officer Mark Fuller, and Martha Alikacem, Esq who is the Chief Revenue Officer.

The overlying vision of MB2 is to provide their associated dentists with the ability to fully focus on providing dental care to their patients. By handling the business functions of running a practice MB2 gives dentists the freedom to put their full attention on quality dental work. The company has established four values that they follow. The first is excellence through taking pride in their work and continuous improvement. The second value is teamwork where everyone is given the opportunity to use their strengths. The value of integrity where the company acts ethically, honestly, and with respect to their clients, employees, and partners. The last value is innovation where they give support to new ideas and embrace change.

MB2 Dental Solutions is able to offer their affiliated dentists a full suite of resources to run their practices. Among the services they provide to the dentists are human resources, compliance, billing and collections, marketing, training, and IT services. Everything that goes into the practice outside of the direct relationship between the dentist and their patients can be handled by MB2 Dental Solutions.

The FreedomPop Revolution

FreedomPop is a revolutionary cellular and internet service provider that launched in 2011 and is still going strong due to its highly acclaimed service. This FreedomPop review by Birken on PT Money argues the same- the basic service, which is free for one year and $11 monthly after that, options to increase data, voice or text capabilities for small sums each month are well worth the cost and enable even those with the tightest of budgets the ability to stay connected. Despite a small deposit for WiFi service or needing to find or purchase a CDMA cell phone, this is a truly cheap and convenient alternative for light internet users.


FreedomPop offers a basic free mobile no contract plan- 500 MB of data, 200 minutes, and unlimited texting for one year. They have a handful of paid plans for those who need more- such as a $5 monthly WiFi only unlimited calling/texting option for those who live in areas with public WiFi hotspots. An unlimited talk and text plan with 500MB of data goes for $10.99 monthly; they also offer a $20 unlimited talk and text, with 1 GB of 4G data, compared to a similar plan formerly offered by T-Mobile for $40. You can also always add more 4G data by paying $0.02 per MB, or completing surveys and other miscellaneous tasks available.


In addition to these no-contract plans, FreedomPop also introduced a cheap 1 and 2 year pay up front plans, for $79.99 and $110 respectively. If a consumer was going to pay for the unlimited talk, text, and 500 MB of data at $10.99, they could save $52 off of the already exceptionally cheap plan for one year, and $154 if they select the two year pre-paid plan, with the additional benefit of having a voicemail box. According to their website, this is 90- 95% off of AT&T prices for similar plans. They also offer free and low cost options for internet service, after a small deposit for the WiFi device you’ll receive 500 MB of 4G data monthly. A similar 500 MB plan with the ability to use 4G and 3G for $3.99, or a $20 monthly for 2GB.


All in all, FreedomPop, although not for the most demanding of data users, appears to be a cost effective alternative to sky high telecom rates.While unconventional, it has decent coverage and has the benefits and features most average cellphone users seek while being flexible and easy to drop and pick back up month to month.


Norman Pattiz Announces The Launch Of ‘Beyond The Darkness’

Norman Pattiz has announced a brand new podcast series on PodcastOne. The podcast, Beyond the Darkness, will be launched soon. It will be the newest show on Jericho Network, a subsidiary of PodcastOne run by WWE star Chris Jericho. The announcement was made on Dec 19th, 2016. Norman is the founder and the executive chairman of the largest advertiser-supported network in America.

Speaking about the show, he confirmed that it will have conversations and stories on paranormal activities. Listeners should expect stories that will challenge their knowledge on ghosts, angels, ghouls, monster encounters, miracles, mysteries, aliens, and demons. The content will be well researched and only feature accounts told by individuals who have experienced paranormal activities. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as explained in this link

In addition, experienced personnel in the field, Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader, will host ‘Beyond the Darkness’ show. Dennis is a radio producer while Dave is an author and radio hosts. The two are respected due to their successful history in hosting similar shows. They also enjoy a large fan base. The choice of the hosts was made selectively to facilitate their fans and other audiences to be interested in the show.

According to Norman, the show will be done weekly. Its new episodes will be posted every Monday on his company’s platform. Fans can either visit the platform’s website at or enjoy it from mobile apps. The free apps are available both for Androids and iOS devices.

The addition of the show to the Jericho Network is a significant boost to the WWE star. Chris Jericho established the network to share wrestling podcast with his fans. Over the years, he has been able to add more content to the original genre. The extensive collection in his network has made his network one of the jewels of the podcast platform.

Speaking during the announcement of the new show, Chris said that he was pleased to add a new series to his network. Chris believes in the quality of the content that his new show will have and on the quality of the hosts. He encouraged his fans to watch the show as it will leave them mesmerized.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is an experienced broadcasting expert and entrepreneur. He worked for various media companies before founding Westwood One. This company owns many broadcasting enterprises and shows. PodcastOne is one of its subsidiaries. Norman’s excellent contributions to broadcasting have seen him inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He is also University of California’s Regent.

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Igor Cornelsen Offers Highly Specific Investment Advice

Those who save money know how important it is to find the best way to use their savings properly on It is not always clear how to use any extra funds well. A person’s savings need to be used well in order to offer them special returns that allow them maximize their rate of return while also reducing the risk of any capital losses. The investor who can successfully accomplish this goal is one who can expect to see their capital grow as they continue to save money. This is a fact that Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen knows well. Growing up in Brazil where he spent much of his career taught him to be on the lookout for investment opportunities of all kinds that he might have otherwise missed out on. He knows that he has much to offer all those who seek out his help in this field.

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Offering Advice

He reminds his investors that it is best to start out as young as possible. Doing so allows for the long-term accumulation of capital on Lulu, enabling people to see any savings they earn start to grow as soon as possible. While he reminds his audience that it is not totally imperative to start as young as possible, it is also possible to invest in any funding even later in life. With his help, he has shown people that they can find the right kind of investments they need for the goals they have in mind. Igor Cornelsen has made large investments in the banking industry in Brazil, allowing him to demonstrate how it is possible for them to do the same in their lives.

Finding An Adviser

As he points in a recent blog post, Igor Cornelsen knows that it is important to find the right kind of investment adviser in today’s world. His aim is to help show others how they can locate someone they trust in today’s financial world. He wants people to understand that it is possible for them to find someone they really trust. A good adviser can offer both national and international investment advice for any client.

Norman Pattiz: Evolvement & Legacy in the Broadcasting Industry

Last month, Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne’s founder and executive chairman, announced the launching of the new podcast program called “Beyond the Darkness”. This is the newest Jericho Network program concerning the paranormal. The WWE star, Chris Jericho, is over the Jericho Network program, and this program is under the umbrella of PodcastOne.


This program is featuring entertaining and enlightening conversations with experiencers and researchers who are globally well-known. It features vast discussions about angels, demons, ghosts, ghouls, monster encounters, aliens, miracles, and mysteries. Dave Shrader, radio host and author, and Tim Dennis, host and radio producer, will host the show. Additionally, the new episodes will be played on every Monday on the PodcastOne app,, and iTunes. More information can be found on, and [email protected] is the email of contact for advertising on PodcastOne.


PodcastOne,, is leading advertiser, supported podcast network in the country. Its founder is also the founder of Westwood One, a radio giant. And so far, PodcastOne has hosted over 200 of the most popular podcast of today, including Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Terry and Heather Dubrow, Steve Austin, Dan Patrick, Dr. Drew, Barstool Sports, Gabrielle Reece, Neil Strauss, Penn Jillette, Ross Matthew, Eddie Trunk, Chris Jericho, Rich Eisen, TheCHIVE, Jay Mohr, Chris Webber, Malcolm McDowell, Laura Ingraham, the Forbes, and more.


About Norman Pattiz


Having already established Norman Pattiz as the executive chairman and founder of PodcastOne and the founder of Westwood One, he is also the chairman of Launchpad Digital Media. Westwood One is now America’s biggest radio network and provider of sports, news, entertainment, traffic, and talk programming for the broadcast industry. Also, this company managed, distributed, or owned CBS News, CNN radio, NBC radio networks, NFL Football, March Madness, NCAA Basketball, the Mutual Broadcasting System, The Winter Olympics, The Super Bowl, and The Summer Olympics.


His previous experience and achievements are as follows: He created the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. He was appointed and reappointed to serve on the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, BBG, in 2000 by President Clinton and in 2002 by President Bush. The BBG oversees all broadcasting services for the US nonmilitary. Also, Pattiz serves as a Regent for the University of California. He also received recognition in 2009 by being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame, and by being awarded by the Liberty of American Broadcasting for the Giants of Broadcasting Award.

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Alexandre Gama Proves Himself To Be A global Advertising Success

The world of advertising can be a tough one to conquer and remain at the very top of for a prolonged period of time, but Brazilian creative Alexandre Gama has done just that for more than 30 years. Gama began his career in 1982 as a copywriter in New York and has continued ever since with a global flavor as the native of Rio de Janeiro also kept a close eye on his home market of Brazil.

Alexandre Gama has achieved a number of notable first for a Brazilian advertising and marketing creative, particularly in the way his work has been received on a global level; Gama has seen his work rewarded at the prestigious Cannes Festival where he was also the first Brazilian professional to give a master class on advertising and marketing. The work of Alexandre Gama has also been seen as possessing an artistic flair unmatched by the majority on the global advertising industry and has included his work being shown as part of a Brazilian modern art exhibition.

The partnership Alexandre Game signed to link his own Neogama creative company and the British based BBH advertising giant saw Gama become the first Brazilian to act as the Global Chief Creative Officer for a major international advertising agency.

The Newest Addition To PodcastOne Network


The chairman of PodcastOne announces the launching of a new paranormal podcast termed as Beyond the Darkness in an article published by PRNewswire on 19th December 2016. The new podcast will be the newest addition to the Jericho Network Program that was formed by WWE star Chris Jericho. The new podcast will debut on PodcastOne which is headed by Norman Pattiz.


Norman announced that this new paranormal podcast would comprise of an entertaining and enlightening conversation hosted by Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader who work in the broadcast industry. Norman added that this podcast would go out of its way to challenge what people believe about angels, miracles, ghosts, mysteries, monster encounters, demons, ghouls, and aliens. Norman stated that new episodes would be released on the PodcastOne app, iTunes, and every Monday. Norman commented Chris on the amazing work and said that he had become a big jewel of the PodcastOne network. Norman added that he believed in Chris when he started the Jericho Network Collection and knew that it would evolve beyond wrestling. He said that he was taking people into the paranormal on the new podcast Beyond the Darkness just like Chris had delivered comedians.


Chris Jericho gave his thoughts about the new paranormal podcast. He said that he was a little crept out while announcing the launching of Beyond the Darkness as an addition to the Jericho Network. He added that the new hosts of the podcast were knowledgeable in the other world of paranormal broadcasting. They carry many fans who believe and trust in them. He expects the existing audience of the Jericho Network to grow with this new podcast and “scare the crap out” of them.


Norman Pattiz is PodcastOne’s Executive Chairman. He has served in the position since June 2016. He worked as a consultant for Westwood One Inc. from August 2010. This is a company that he founded in 1974. He is the former president of Broadcast Education Association. President Clinton and President Bush appointed Norman Pattiz to work in the BBG (Broadcasting Board o Governors) for the United States of America. Norman Pattiz is the driving force behind the formation of the BBG’s 24/7 news, music and information radio network, Alhurra Television, and Arabic-language satellite TV all over the Middle East. Norman serves on the Board of Directors of The Regent of Energy Laboratories. He once served as a regent of the University of California. He is a former chairman of Emeritus of Westwood One Inc. Norman is a Governing Board member of the University of California and. He is a member of Commission on Building for the 21st Century in California. Norman serves as a Board Member in several institutions including Hollywood Radio and Television Society and RAND’S Center for Middle East Public Policy.




MB2 Dental

The Benefits of Reaching Out To MB2 Dental


When you want to be sure that you are able to get the most out of your overall health, one of the most important things to do is take control of your dental health. There are a number of dental practices that you can reach out to, but you can maximize your oral health care by allowing MB2 Dental to assist you with any work that you are looking for. There are a lot of dental practices out there, but this company is top notch when it comes to giving you any measure of dentistry that you require, from teeth cleaning and x-rays to complete root canals. With this regard, read on to learn all about the many practical benefits of getting regular dental care through this practice.


#1: Your smile creates a first impression


One of the main reasons that you need to reach out to his dental practice for help is that your smile creates a very important first impression. This is the very first thing that people will see when you begin to greet them. For example, if you work in a professional field, people will make assumptions about you based on the cleanliness of your teeth and the weather you take care of yourself. You are truly give yourself a head start and an advantage by keeping your smile at its absolute best.


#2: good dental health means good mental health


Since you use your mouth to speak and communicate, it can be difficult to feel good about yourself if your smile is not at its best. When you have a perfect smile completely crafted by dental professionals, you will be better able to feel great about yourself and these mental benefits will truly trickle down into the rest of your life. You owe it to yourself to reach out to this dental practice to learn a little bit more about how they can assist you and what sort of dental assistance they can provide.


#3: good dental health lets you live an overall healthier life


Did you know that your dental health is directly tied to your cardiovascular health. When you have cavities and other dental problems, it contributes to heart disease and high blood pressure. Good dental health also allows you to digest your food better, which plays a direct role in every facet of your healthcare.


Keep these tips handy and use them to the best of your ability.


Keith Mann: The Future Is Bright With Him Around

At times, the world can seem like a rather scary place and for good reason. There is a lot to worry about and sometimes it feels like help is not on the way and help is not coming. For the children in the Uncommon School Districts of Brooklyn help is on the way in the form of Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners. This is a man that is going out of his way to make sure the future is bright. As long as he is around, he will do everything in his power to make sure things are square and straight for everyone.


He has gone on record in the past and talked about an even playing field. He does not believe that the amount of money that a family makes should stop their kid from going to college and bettering themselves. When someone is in college, they learn a lot about themselves and it is a great experience that they won’t forget anytime soon. They learn the ups, the downs, and they make friends. However, if they are unable to go to college because of money, that makes it a lot harder. That is why Keith Mann is stepping up to the plate and doing something about it along with Dynamics Search Partners.


They recently held a fundraiser which raised over twenty-two thousand dollars for an upcoming Uncommon School that is going to be opening and for their testing. That is the level playing field that Keith Mann has been talking about and for good reason. There are a lot of untapped brains and untapped minds out there. They just need a few doors to open for them and when they are open, they are going to do some amazing things with them. They have the drive, the desire, and the passion to get it done.


In these types of cases, because they have been through so much and have had to overcome so much, they will work twice as hard as the average student. They know they belong and they are going to go out there and prove it.