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The Incredible Life of Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is an acclaimed marriage and family Therapist with over twenty years of experience in this field. Her work revolves around helping families, couples and individuals overcome their day to day hurdles in life.

Patty Rocklage’s Education

Patty Rocklage’s successful career is greatly influenced by the solid education background she received. She graduated in 1981 from the University of Southern California where she had studied Psychology. Other valuable skills she learned along the way which came in handy in her career include public speaking, coaching, team building and community outreach.

Patty Rocklage’s family life

Patty Rocklage is married to Doctor Scott Rocklage, an equally successful and inspirational man who is as well a guru in Chemistry. Her husband is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Dr. Scott Rocklage acquired his Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from the institution. In an alumnus profile newsletter, Dr. Rocklage confessed he did not know the skills he had learned will come in handy in helping the institution.

The major house renovation

Patty Rocklage and her husband at one point made a decision to totally renovate their house which they had been living in for a long time. To accomplish this important task, they made up their mind to hire a sub-contractor on their own.After searching for an excellent subcontractor for quite some time, they finally settled on the services offered by Sudbury Company. The outcome was greater than they had anticipated for. So great were the renovations that they got featured on Sudbury Company’s official website as a case study. Some of the major renovations done in the house include in the kitchen and on their main door which was renovated to make it easily spotted by their guests.Patty and her husband assist with renovation of nano space and nanotechnology labs.In July 2016, Patty Rocklage and her husband lend a helping hand in the renewal of nanotechnology and nano space laboratories in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This gift was a token of appreciation for the institution laying a solid foundation for Patty’s husband’s career in Chemistry. The university has displayed their plaques in the completed laboratories.


Sawyer Howitt Helps to Elevate Meriwether to Higher Grounds

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur. He started working for his father David Howitt’s company,the Meriwether Group, at the age of 17. The Meriwether Group is a company with the newest technology that has a bright future to come. They offer support startups for businesses to grow. They focus on those companies that may have equity and debt. Their goal ultimately is to change lives through the products and services they offer. They want to make a difference in society. Sawyer Howitt is the young project manager for the Meriwether Group. Sawyer Howitt (@sawyerhowitt) is responsible for bringing the ideas and strategies of the company to life.

Sawyer Howitt is currently a high school senior. Throughout his high school career, he has mainly focused his studies and efforts on business and finance. He participated in internships in order to prepare him. Although he is young, that hasn’t put any restrictions on his abilities. He has a wide range of knowledge like creating complicated spreadsheets and presentations for meetings. He has been involved in a variety of organizations. He has led different study groups and has helped to mentor other young kids around his age. He has set out to obtain a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University.

Sawyer Howitt has proven that no job is too big for him. He is still learning the business. He is soon to become a mastermind in finance and business.

View Sawyer Howitt’s page for more information.

How Can Health Screening Service Help You To Live A Healthy Life?

Human beings are not that strong like they think they are. Disease and illness are two of the most common factors that affect us. Back in the past, medical conditions were unluckily quite hard to treat because of the lack of education and technology. Facilities were far less in contrast to what we already have available these days. However, modern day progression and advancements have opened up whole new avenues for medicinal treatment and let us diagnose/treat health related problem quite effectively. And for that health screening company such as Lifeline Screening is allowing us to keep a check on our health.

All EKG and ultrasound screenings at Lifeline Screening are painless, easy, convenient and cheap so anyone can afford. The highly trained specialists use the latest equipment for lab-accurate results and to give you as much comfort as possible while taking tests. And the screening they offer at Lifeline Screening requires no to very little preparation. There are three types of screenings offered by Lifeline Screening: Ultrasound screenings, finger-stick blood screenings, and Limited electrocardiograph.

They use advanced Doppler color flow technology for ultrasound purpose. And due to their reliability and effectiveness, you can count on these advanced machines for ultrasound purpose. Lifeline also offers simple blood screenings through finger-stick which recognize significant risk factors for diabetes and heart disease.

Lifeline Screening also performs numerous tests such as HDL, LDL, Glucose Screening, hs-CRP, ALT/AST along with limited electrocardiograph to detect irregular heartbeat also known as atrial fibrillation, a common heart condition which expressively increases the stroke risk. So, to live a healthy life, it is good if you take precautions and go through such screening. Because such health screening will ultimately help you start living a healthy life. There is a famous saying for such occasion “Prevention is better than cure.”

Waiakea’s New Contest Salutes Total Wellness

The Waiakea water company is showing its customers appreciation and saluting their health and wellness by launching the #FollowYourFlow contest. The contest winner is going to receive some amazing help in keeping himself or herself well. Contest winners will receive airfare tickets to and from a glorious four-day vacation in the wonderful town of Wanderlust Oahu.

There, they will have the opportunity to stop by and partake in the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. The festival will host a myriad of relaxing activities such as music, meditation, outdoor activities, hiking, fellowship and more.

Kameron Waters said he was delighted about this contest that the company launched. He feels that it will get more people interested in oneness and learning how to get in the zone when times get frustrating. Everyone has his or her moments, but learning how to meditate can make them easier to bear. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Participants do not have to jump through hoops to get involved in the contest. They simply have to visit the contest page and then provide personal information like their name, number, birthdate and addresses to enter the contest.

The contest entry will be open until the end of January. The officials will announce the contest winners as of February 1.

Waiakea is a water company that cares deeply about the people who drink its products. The company first opened its doors in 2012 with the idea that it would make use of the volcanic elements by using them to process the water.

The smart manufacturing tactics that the company implemented made it one of the nation’s most successful companies. Customers receive a good dose of electrolytes with each bottle of this natural and healthy water.

PR Newswire said that Waiakea water promotes healthy living, which is why it includes transportation to the yoga festival in its offerings. The founders feel that people must purify themselves from the inside out to live fruitful lives, and that purification must begin with the water that they put into their bodies. Purification then moves on to a physical, dietary and spiritual practice.

Waiakea water has won many awards because of its innovative strategies and its dedication to health and wellness. One of the awards that the company won is the Best Water award. The bottled beverages also made it on several top 10 lists.

Members of the community highly trust this company to give it safe and beneficial bottled water that will help to elongate their lives.

Alexandre Gama: Selecting A Marketing Professional In Brazil

Are you searching for a reliable marketing or advertising expert in Brazil? Do you want to hire a reputable business or advertising professional to advise and guide you properly? If you need help reaching your potential customers in Brazil, you need to get in touch with Alexandre Gama – a top rated marketing and advertising consultant.

Alexandre Gama is a renowned advertising professional and marketing expert. Alexandre Gama is a successful entrepreneur and has a lot of experience in using efficient advertising and marketing solutions to attract the largest audience possible.

Alexandre Gama can help you with a wide variety of advertising and marketing issues and is well known for delivering on his promise

Every day, business owners and companies go online searching for the best advertising firms or agencies. Advertising or promoting a business is not an easy task but with the services provided by an expert like Alexandre Gama, you shouldn’t have any problem achieving the success you desire.

Business promotion or advertising takes great skill and expertise and Alexandre Gama comes highly recommended in the industry. Alexandre Gama creates ad campaigns that consistently perform effectively and yield great results.


As the T-800 Schwarzenegger is an Unforgettable Cyber-Villain

When thinking about some of the all-time notorious movie villains, one character from the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies clearly has to make any top villain list. There have been horror movie icons that just never seemed doomed to meet their demise. When a single robotic arm tries to carry out the ultimate aim of the villain, it puts a stamp true evil.

However, the T-800, otherwise known as The Terminator, took relentless to a new level of rogue ambition. It couldn’t be shot, blown up, or burned as it continued with one programmed goal, kill. Schwarzenegger ravaged about everyone and everything he came in contact with. As villains go in the motion picture industry, a total disregard for human life is checkmark in the column of most villainous characters.  He’s right out of a scary robot anime.

As the ultimate cyber creature with an antagonistic vigilance like no other, Schwarzenegger made a screen splash with the original 1984 film. Directed and co-written by James Cameron, Schwarzenegger was the perfect fit for the lead role as a relentless robot in human form. The T-800, mission-dedicated computerized death machine from the future, had one single mission; kill the mother of tomorrow’s hero prodigy.

Later productions in the five films of the Terminator series changed the mindset of the original villain to a nobler protagonist. Nevertheless, the incessant aim of the first T-800 android to seek and destroy has turned The Terminator into a cult film building a new audience with each generation. When searching the movie archives for legendary villains, this Arnold Schwarzenegger characterization of deviant persistence has to receive worthy mention.

Whitney Wolfe Wants To Change Online Dating

Whitney Wolfe’s isn’t even 30 years old and she has managed to make her voice known in the world of business. At only 26 years old she is one of the most prominent CEOs thanks to her dating app Bumble. Prior to her launch of Bumble Whitney was working at Tinder, but something about Tinder struck a nerve with. She wanted to create something that would shake up the online dating scene. Whitney Wolfe listened to many women discuss what they liked and didn’t like about online dating. This moment is where she got the idea for Bumble.

How She Made Her Choice To Create Bumble

The decision to create Bumble came after Wolfe left Hatch Labs due to sexual harassment. Her experience with sexual harassment changed her might about online dating and she didn’t like how Tinder was dealing with the issue. The idea popped in her head that it would be much better to simply make her own dating app. Thus came about the existence of Bumble. In many ways the app is similar to what we might expect from Tinder but with a key difference. Women always make the first move with Bumble in contrast to what you might see with other dating apps.

What The Market Has To Say

The best way to find out if an idea is popular is to look at what people have to say about it and to look at whether or not it sales. So far, Bumble is profoundly popular among many people with millions making matches every year. It has some catching up to do before it reaches the heights of Tinder, but it’s clear Bumble has everything it takes to reach those heights and so much more.

Read Whitney Wolfe’s interview with Austin Women Magazine for more information.

Capital Group CEO Details His Investing Strategy Disagreement With Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is well known for advising investors to simply put their money in a low-fee mutual fund that tracks the entire S&P 500. His contention is that you’ll beat all other strategies with this method as most money managers fail to beat the index and charge higher fees.

Tim Armour, the Chairman and CEO of Capital Group, agrees with Mr. Buffett in that most active mutual funds do charge far too much and deliver way too little. Armour also agrees that most investors would be well served to choose funds with lower fees and then hold for the long-term. However, Armour does not believe that all active funds should be avoided.

Tim Armour’s contention is that you can do very well with an active fund that has low fees, avoids excessive trading, and has a substantial amount of the fund managers own money invested in it. A good money manager that “earns his keep” can avoid one of the major pitfalls of passive investing which is that when the markets collapse so will the value of the passive funds.

Armour has spent his entire professional career at Capital Group. In addition to his executive duties he continues to also act as an equity portfolio manager. He is also responsible for the guidance of the company’s popular American Fund mutual fund group. Timothy Armour earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College.

In an interview, Armour said that he believes the strong increase the stock markets have been experiencing since the election of Donald Trump are real. He believes this is due to three factors; rising interest rates, faster economic growth, and higher inflation. He went on to say that interest rates have been declining for almost all of his career and he believes they have now hit their lowest point and will inevitably start rising.

Learn more about Tim Armour:

Karl Heideck: The Highly Effective Litigator

Karl Heideck: The Highly Effective LitigatorWhen you picture the stereotypical attorney: a career in law, massive amounts of time in the courtroom, lawsuits and more lawsuits, you’re probably thinking about a litigator. Litigation is a huge legal field. A litigator’s job description varies widely.

Who is a litigator?

A litigator represents a plaintiff and defendants in civil cases. They manage all the phases of a litigation process: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial and settlement, and appeal. A litigator addresses the big picture; they handle the entire case from start to finish, not just a small window of time that requires a courtroom appearance to address the judge, jury, and witnesses. A litigator may choose to specialize on contracts, personal injury, real estate or they can be generalists. A litigator like Karl Heideck can work in government agencies, law firms, and businesses or their private practice. A litigator can also supervise legal assistants and paralegals.

Career Requirements

Becoming a litigator requires you to complete an undergraduate degree, Juris Doctor, and pass the bar exam. Various employers have different experience requirements, 0-5 years may be needed. The core skills include excellent verbal and written communication, legal research, analysis, critical thinking, knowledge of Microsoft Office and the related legal software, attention to detail, multitasking, organization, responsibility, and honesty.

Karl Heideck's educational credentials sTake, for instance, Karl Heideck, a talented attorney who specializes in compliance practices and risk management based in the Greater Philadelphia area. Karl Heideck is skilled in many sectors including corporate law, commercial litigation, legal writing, legal research, product liability, and employment law. Karl Heideck’s has practiced law for over ten years.

Karl Heideck’s educational credentials speak skills and experience in many fields. Karl Heideck started out pursuing Bachelor of Arts, English Language, and Literature at the Swarthmore College, and then he proceeded to Temple University Beasley School of Law where he graduated with honors.

Contact Karl Heideck:


Jeffry Schneider Demonstrates Possible Alternative Strategies to Investment

Jeffry Schneider founded the Ascendant Capital LLC with the aim of building trusted networks with successful financial sponsors as well as accredited financial intermediaries. The main aim was to seek access to substitute investment strategies and asset classes. Jeffry also wanted to ensure that sponsors maximize returns by diversifying risk. His role as a founder makes him responsible for managing a team of experienced professionals. These seasoned experts carry out duties related to sourcing, structuring and supporting innovative alternative investments.


Jeffry is an enthusiastic leader. Besides, he has over two decades of experience in the financial services sector. His widespread network of private and public pension finance, global financial services, and family offices in unmatched. In the course of his work, Jeffry Schneider has assisted in raising more than a billion dollars. He has also assisted in the growth of the company in other ways. It currently has and supports more than thirty employees.


Jeffry Schneider previously worked with top financial services’ firms such as Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. He also held executive positions at Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. Jeffry does not serve Ascendant Capital only. He also helps the less fortunate persons in the society, through charitable firms such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, and Cherokee. He lives in Austin, Texas, where his company, Ascendant Capital LLC, is located. The company has been a successful one mainly because of the exceptional approach to private equity.


Moving forward, Ascendant Capital LLC works exclusively with established companies. The companies must demonstrate low debt and an income exit time frame of 3 to 5 years. The company works with various investment advisors and has managed to establish its roots in the industry. Jeffry Schneider trusts that success comes from an open and harmonious environment, a culture that he always emphasizes at Ascendant Capital LLC.


Jeffrey spends most of his free time traveling, doing charity work or in a fitness joint. He has visited Europe and South Africa countless times. He also takes part in marathons, half ironman contests and worldwide endurance events such as New Zealand’s ironman.