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As the T-800 Schwarzenegger is an Unforgettable Cyber-Villain

When thinking about some of the all-time notorious movie villains, one character from the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies clearly has to make any top villain list. There have been horror movie icons that just never seemed doomed to meet their demise. When a single robotic arm tries to carry out the ultimate aim of the villain, it puts a stamp true evil.

However, the T-800, otherwise known as The Terminator, took relentless to a new level of rogue ambition. It couldn’t be shot, blown up, or burned as it continued with one programmed goal, kill. Schwarzenegger ravaged about everyone and everything he came in contact with. As villains go in the motion picture industry, a total disregard for human life is checkmark in the column of most villainous characters.  He’s right out of a scary robot anime.

As the ultimate cyber creature with an antagonistic vigilance like no other, Schwarzenegger made a screen splash with the original 1984 film. Directed and co-written by James Cameron, Schwarzenegger was the perfect fit for the lead role as a relentless robot in human form. The T-800, mission-dedicated computerized death machine from the future, had one single mission; kill the mother of tomorrow’s hero prodigy.

Later productions in the five films of the Terminator series changed the mindset of the original villain to a nobler protagonist. Nevertheless, the incessant aim of the first T-800 android to seek and destroy has turned The Terminator into a cult film building a new audience with each generation. When searching the movie archives for legendary villains, this Arnold Schwarzenegger characterization of deviant persistence has to receive worthy mention.

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