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Celebrating Sheldon Lavin’s Achievements in His Professional Life

The OSI group is one of the most successful food companies in the world. Before the company was known to the world as the OSI Group, the company was going by the name Otto and Sons. Sheldon Lavin is OSI Groups chief executive officer and president. Having established Otto and Sons in the 70s, Sheldon was in charge of securing the funding needed to finance the then startup.

Over the years, Sheldon Lavin has seen the success of the OSI group, something that is attributed to his leadership skills and his unrivaled experience and knowledge of the food industry. When Sheldon set-off his career, he was in charge of running the Otto and Sons which was a meat processing plant. Throughout his long career at the OSI group, Sheldon Lavin has been celebrated in his achievement of transforming the once small food and meat processing company into a worldwide recognized brand in the food industry.

The OSI group operates in 60 different countries across the world. Sheldon Lavin was awarded the global visionary award. The reason behind being recognized with the award was his accomplishment in making the once unknown food company a famous global brand.

The award ceremony in which Sheldon was given the award took place in February 2016. Characteristic to Sheldon’s, received the award and in his speech, he shared how humbling the experience was to be presented with such an honor. Additionally, Sheldon was happy that his lifelong efforts commitment while at the OSI group was internationally recognized.

Most business executives have always prioritized making a company profitable at the top of their agenda. Contrary to this fact, Sheldon Lavin’s career is characterized by his undeniable quest for environmental conservation. In the regions which the OSI group has its operations, protection of the environment is the top priority. While an executive of the OSI group, Sheldon has been championing for the use of technology to achieve sustainability.

The protection of the world ecosystem doesn’t end with him as he popularly tells the business leaders he mentors. He expects that future and current business leaders should support efforts in environmental conservation. He also urges business leaders and executives to dedicate their time and effort in their respective institutions as successful companies create jobs.

Other than a contributor to many causes aimed at protecting the environment, Sheldon Lavin is a philanthropist who supports multiple charity institutions and causes across the globe including the McDonald House Charities.

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Fabletics Taking On Amazon’s Fashion Market

Amazon is currently in control of approximately twenty percent of the internet’s fashion market as a whole. This statistic is shocking but if you think about it, you can find almost any brand on Amazon and you can use their site to shop for the best prices available. While convenient, especially with its Amazon Prime discounts and fast shipping, there is still something missing from the shopping experience and Fabletics has taken Amazon by storm as they attempt to take control of the fashion market with their innovative marketing techniques and smart business models.


Kate Hudson is the mastermind behind this athletic-wear creation and in the first three years of it being launched, Fabletics saw $250 million in profits. Amazon lets you shop from home but Fabletics has a slightly different concept; using a subscription service along with special perks if you happen to live near one of the Fabletics stores that are located in places like Hawaii, Florida, California, etc. For example, when you shop in the store and try items on, these items will be stored in your online profile where you can view them later and purchase them if you wish. You aren’t required to head back to the store and you can shop around if you feel you can get better products at better prices somewhere else. Good luck though, Fabletics is very high quality active wear at unbeatable price points.


It is reported that as much as fifty percent of the people who walk through the doors of Fabletics or stop by the website are already members looking for more items. There is another twenty-five percent that will sign up for the membership service that day. An in-store shopping experience that ties in with the benefits of internet shopping, Fabletics is seeing great success with this unique concept. New brands are popping up constantly, thinking they have something to offer consumers that other brands do not. Within the first year of their startup, these brands more often than not, fail. Fabletics is predicted to see continued success in the future and with such impressive figures in just the first few years, it is likely that these predictions are very true. The new year shows great promise as in 2018, Fabletics is looking to open a number of new stores in addition to the sixteen stores that they have opened in the first year of their inception.