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Jeffry Schneider Demonstrates Possible Alternative Strategies to Investment

Jeffry Schneider founded the Ascendant Capital LLC with the aim of building trusted networks with successful financial sponsors as well as accredited financial intermediaries. The main aim was to seek access to substitute investment strategies and asset classes. Jeffry also wanted to ensure that sponsors maximize returns by diversifying risk. His role as a founder makes him responsible for managing a team of experienced professionals. These seasoned experts carry out duties related to sourcing, structuring and supporting innovative alternative investments.


Jeffry is an enthusiastic leader. Besides, he has over two decades of experience in the financial services sector. His widespread network of private and public pension finance, global financial services, and family offices in unmatched. In the course of his work, Jeffry Schneider has assisted in raising more than a billion dollars. He has also assisted in the growth of the company in other ways. It currently has and supports more than thirty employees.


Jeffry Schneider previously worked with top financial services’ firms such as Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. He also held executive positions at Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. Jeffry does not serve Ascendant Capital only. He also helps the less fortunate persons in the society, through charitable firms such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, and Cherokee. He lives in Austin, Texas, where his company, Ascendant Capital LLC, is located. The company has been a successful one mainly because of the exceptional approach to private equity.


Moving forward, Ascendant Capital LLC works exclusively with established companies. The companies must demonstrate low debt and an income exit time frame of 3 to 5 years. The company works with various investment advisors and has managed to establish its roots in the industry. Jeffry Schneider trusts that success comes from an open and harmonious environment, a culture that he always emphasizes at Ascendant Capital LLC.


Jeffrey spends most of his free time traveling, doing charity work or in a fitness joint. He has visited Europe and South Africa countless times. He also takes part in marathons, half ironman contests and worldwide endurance events such as New Zealand’s ironman.


Cotemar rallies after tough year in 2016

Throughout 2016, Cotemar, Mexico’s largest petroleum services company, was faced with a number of unpleasant decisions. After Pemex, Cotemar’s sole client, reneged on a number of lucrative contracts, Cotemar was left reeling. It was eventually forced to lay off 2,300 employees or face imminent insolvency.


This unfortunate chain of events has come after over a decade of steep declines in the national petroleum industry. This period has starkly highlighted the many potentially fatal shortcomings of Mexico’s nationalized oil industry. But starting in 2013, President Nieto changed the laws, allowing for eventual privatization and widespread infusion of outside capital into Mexico’s ailing petroleum sector. Cotemar believes that this new era of massive foreign capital and global firms being able to participate will smooth the rough patches that have become part of life for all those who make their livelihoods from the extraction of Mexican crude oil. Having multiple clients and a large diversity of contracts and income streams will serve as a buffer against the downturns and economic hardships experienced by a single state player. Whereas Cotemars fortunes were previously all tied to those of its sole client, now they may be reliant on five or ten different international firms with the financial strength to easily ride out temporary dips in the market.



A rough ride for Campechanos



Cotemar is headquartered in the state of Campeche. More than any other Mexican state, the Gulf-side, picturesque district is almost exclusively reliant on revenues from the Mexican oil sector. With an estimated 80% of all economic activity in the state deriving straight from the petroleum business, Campeche’s residents are in near total thrall to the gods of the global petroleum market.


Unfortunately, since 2004, those gods have been merciless. It was that year that Mexican wells in the Gulf hit their peak and subsequently entered into a sharp terminal decline in production. This was bad enough. But then the bringing online of the North American shale and tar sand deposits caused a global depression in oil prices from which the markets have not yet recovered.


All this has led to extreme hardships in the state of Campeche. With so many families dependent on breadwinners who work in the oil sector, many families have been forced to make difficult decisions, choices like that between sending their kids to school or putting food on the table.


But Cotemar sees this as coming to an end with privatization. Not only will the new system be good for corporations, it will be good for all those who rely on the Mexican petroleum industry.


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Global Economy Since Trump

Working with Capital Group, Timothy Armour has amassed over 33 years of experience working in the investment industry. Before coming to Capital Group, Tim obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics, studying at Middlebury College.

Previously, Tim worked for Capital as an equity investment analyst. He managed global telecommunications and United States service companies. Tim entered work at the Capital Group through his participation in The Associates Program. He currently holds the positions of chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc.and chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee, along with the title of equity portfolio manager. Mr. Armour is based out of Los Angeles.

According to Mr. Armour, some of the major financial themes to pay attention to in the coming year will include interest rates. The federal government recently raised rates for the second time in 2 years. However, the single most important issue for Armour is corporate earnings. Corporate earnings growth will rely heavily on the expansion of global domestic product around the world, rather than solely in the United States. According to Armour, the public expectation since the election is for global product growth.

Another huge factor for Tim Armour this year is the fact that in recent years there has been a sizable decline to the rate of growth in the United States relative to the rate of growth outside of the United States. According to Timothy Armour, the goal of the public should almost certainly be to get the global economy working at the proper level of efficiency. In Armour’s mind there are a few questions that need to be thought of going into today’s market. Which businesses will thrive with high interest rates? Which will fumble. Will inflation come into play? This would also change which industries would thrive.

Companies that have a lot of pricing power would actually do much better in an economy touched by inflation. According to Armour, the market since the election is telling us that we are in a key moment of inflation. Banks, for example, were not exactly doing stellar if one looks at statistics before the election. As the election drew near, things changed. Post-election, banks are doing extremely well. They benefit from higher interest rates. These are the sorts of things that Tim Armour considers to be the important factors to look at today, from a purely economic minded perspective.

What MB2 Dental Is All About

MB2 Dental Solutions provides independently owned and operated dental practices services that help them run efficiently and more cost effectively. This allows the dentist the ability to put his focus on providing the highest levels of patient care and standards while maintaining complete clinical autonomy. MB2 Dental Solutions is based in Carrollton, Texas, and works with dentists in Texas, Lousiana, Tennessee, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Alaska.

MB2 was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva and he serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company. In the past, he has worked in the field of dentistry in a variety of capacities including owning his own practice and as an Associate Dentist Trainer. In running his own practice as well as being involved in group practices he gained first-hand knowledge of the problems and frustrations that exist when handling the business aspects of running them. To address this he came up with MB2 which would combine the positive parts of running a practice while limiting the negative experiences. Some of the other members of the leadership team at MB2 are President Justin Puckett, Chief Operating Officer Justin Carroll, Chief Financial Officer Mark Fuller, and Martha Alikacem, Esq who is the Chief Revenue Officer.

The overlying vision of MB2 is to provide their associated dentists with the ability to fully focus on providing dental care to their patients. By handling the business functions of running a practice MB2 gives dentists the freedom to put their full attention on quality dental work. The company has established four values that they follow. The first is excellence through taking pride in their work and continuous improvement. The second value is teamwork where everyone is given the opportunity to use their strengths. The value of integrity where the company acts ethically, honestly, and with respect to their clients, employees, and partners. The last value is innovation where they give support to new ideas and embrace change.

MB2 Dental Solutions is able to offer their affiliated dentists a full suite of resources to run their practices. Among the services they provide to the dentists are human resources, compliance, billing and collections, marketing, training, and IT services. Everything that goes into the practice outside of the direct relationship between the dentist and their patients can be handled by MB2 Dental Solutions.

The FreedomPop Revolution

FreedomPop is a revolutionary cellular and internet service provider that launched in 2011 and is still going strong due to its highly acclaimed service. This FreedomPop review by Birken on PT Money argues the same- the basic service, which is free for one year and $11 monthly after that, options to increase data, voice or text capabilities for small sums each month are well worth the cost and enable even those with the tightest of budgets the ability to stay connected. Despite a small deposit for WiFi service or needing to find or purchase a CDMA cell phone, this is a truly cheap and convenient alternative for light internet users.


FreedomPop offers a basic free mobile no contract plan- 500 MB of data, 200 minutes, and unlimited texting for one year. They have a handful of paid plans for those who need more- such as a $5 monthly WiFi only unlimited calling/texting option for those who live in areas with public WiFi hotspots. An unlimited talk and text plan with 500MB of data goes for $10.99 monthly; they also offer a $20 unlimited talk and text, with 1 GB of 4G data, compared to a similar plan formerly offered by T-Mobile for $40. You can also always add more 4G data by paying $0.02 per MB, or completing surveys and other miscellaneous tasks available.


In addition to these no-contract plans, FreedomPop also introduced a cheap 1 and 2 year pay up front plans, for $79.99 and $110 respectively. If a consumer was going to pay for the unlimited talk, text, and 500 MB of data at $10.99, they could save $52 off of the already exceptionally cheap plan for one year, and $154 if they select the two year pre-paid plan, with the additional benefit of having a voicemail box. According to their website, this is 90- 95% off of AT&T prices for similar plans. They also offer free and low cost options for internet service, after a small deposit for the WiFi device you’ll receive 500 MB of 4G data monthly. A similar 500 MB plan with the ability to use 4G and 3G for $3.99, or a $20 monthly for 2GB.


All in all, FreedomPop, although not for the most demanding of data users, appears to be a cost effective alternative to sky high telecom rates.While unconventional, it has decent coverage and has the benefits and features most average cellphone users seek while being flexible and easy to drop and pick back up month to month.


Norman Pattiz Announces The Launch Of ‘Beyond The Darkness’

Norman Pattiz has announced a brand new podcast series on PodcastOne. The podcast, Beyond the Darkness, will be launched soon. It will be the newest show on Jericho Network, a subsidiary of PodcastOne run by WWE star Chris Jericho. The announcement was made on Dec 19th, 2016. Norman is the founder and the executive chairman of the largest advertiser-supported network in America.

Speaking about the show, he confirmed that it will have conversations and stories on paranormal activities. Listeners should expect stories that will challenge their knowledge on ghosts, angels, ghouls, monster encounters, miracles, mysteries, aliens, and demons. The content will be well researched and only feature accounts told by individuals who have experienced paranormal activities. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as explained in this link

In addition, experienced personnel in the field, Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader, will host ‘Beyond the Darkness’ show. Dennis is a radio producer while Dave is an author and radio hosts. The two are respected due to their successful history in hosting similar shows. They also enjoy a large fan base. The choice of the hosts was made selectively to facilitate their fans and other audiences to be interested in the show.

According to Norman, the show will be done weekly. Its new episodes will be posted every Monday on his company’s platform. Fans can either visit the platform’s website at or enjoy it from mobile apps. The free apps are available both for Androids and iOS devices.

The addition of the show to the Jericho Network is a significant boost to the WWE star. Chris Jericho established the network to share wrestling podcast with his fans. Over the years, he has been able to add more content to the original genre. The extensive collection in his network has made his network one of the jewels of the podcast platform.

Speaking during the announcement of the new show, Chris said that he was pleased to add a new series to his network. Chris believes in the quality of the content that his new show will have and on the quality of the hosts. He encouraged his fans to watch the show as it will leave them mesmerized.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is an experienced broadcasting expert and entrepreneur. He worked for various media companies before founding Westwood One. This company owns many broadcasting enterprises and shows. PodcastOne is one of its subsidiaries. Norman’s excellent contributions to broadcasting have seen him inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He is also University of California’s Regent.

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