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The Next-Generation Real Estate Firm

Town Residential is a fast growing real estate firm that was founded by Andrew Heiberger as its chief executive in 2010. Heiberger also founded Citi Habitat in 1994, and later sold it to NRT LLC. Citi Habitat was also a real estate brokerage that focused majorly on rental. He is a real estate broker and a licensed attorney. Heiberger serves as the Board of governors of the Real Estate Board of New York.


Town Residential is a real estate firm that deals with luxury residential properties. Town Residential has approximately 201 – 500 employers. Its main focus is on new development marketing and residential estate sales and rentals. It has managed to become one of the best real estate firms in New York. It was ranked among the top 10 largest residential brokerages in Manhattan by The Real Deal. By September 2016, Town Residential had 7 locations in Manhattan.


Town Residential has managed to deliver quality results in the current real estate market, all thanks to its executive members that are closely working together. They are experienced, innovative and has always put into practice strong business principles in the day to day management of Town Residential. Their approach is simple and multi-dimensional and gives priority to sales, rentals and marketing of new development. Town Residential has its strengths like exceptional customer service, transparency and adequate information on their neighborhoods. Their purchase process comprises of professional guidance as well as dissemination of accurate information in regards to the property of interest.


On September 2013, Town Residential managed to lease an office in the meatpacking district. That was its 10th outpost within its 3 years of operation. That was a move to bring easy access to residential neighborhood along the Hudson. The leasing deal is meant to last for 15 years and the entire 2nd floor of 446W14th St., The 7,100 square-foot space is currently occupied by Town residential. The new space is supposed to attract brokers as well as symbolize Town Residential as an exemplary brand in real estate market setting it apart from other real estate firm. The landlord of the leased property is none other than Joseph Sitt who is also the co-owner of Town Residential as well as the founder of Thor Equities. His partnership with Town Residential has been beneficial as it puts Town Residential in an upper hand during the leasing of the 446W unlike the other potential tenants.


According to Crain’s, Town Residential is among the best places to work in New York City. The rating was done after several of their employees had given positive reviews about their working terms and conditions. Town Residential absorbed Thomas and Ingram in 2013 into their Meatpacking District office. Thomas and Ingram is a boutique brokerage that focuses majorly on the West Village sales. Town Residential has recently opened other outlets in the high profile locations. Its headquarters are on the ground floor o 33Irvin Place. Town Residential is a top real estate brokerage firm that has had outstanding performance, it is has excellent track records and exemplary performance.


Could Brexit Cause Deutsche Bank Collapse?

If you haven’t noticed recently, basically the woes of the Western world are usually blamed on anyone, everyone and anything else. Seriously, why would anyone blame Brexit for any problems that occur in the world, but some have? Learn why some think that Brexit could be one of the nails in the coffin of Deutsche Bank.


“Brexit is Red Flag”


The paper financial system is beginning to resemble a house of cards. When Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns failed in 2009, the writing was on the wall, if you listened carefully. The global bankers suggested that the Capitalist system would fail if these banks were not bailed out. Officially, Deutsche Bank’s high stock price was reached in May 2007.


Treating the symptoms not the cause


The West has always had a problem with treating the symptoms and not the cause. What the 2008 Credit Crunch revealed was that all banks were tied together – one failure could bring them all down.


“Reasons For Blaming Brexit”


England is a financial banking powerhouse. After Brexit, there was increased uncertainty. Investors must remember that 44% of English trade is with Europe. Thus, if the English left the EU, then the German’s Deutsche Bank could suffer.


“Reasons for Blaming Deutsche Bank”


Of course, the more you delve into the problems of Deutsche Bank, the more you discover two important facts: 1. Deutsche Bank is to blame and the 2. Capitalist banking system is to blame. Decades before the Credit Crunch, Deutsche Bank bought out Banker’s Trust and that is when its troubles began. The problem is that this kick your problems down the road strategy is key to the Capitalist banking system.


“Gold Coin Commemorates Brexit”


US Money Reserve offers the hot Cook Islands gold Brexit coins. These commemorate the historic June 23, 2016 vote with the date emblazoned thereon. You can choose from 1/10th ounce or 1/2 gram versions with .9999 fineness.


You don’t need to wait until the next paper bank falls apart. Just like the flu season, it is pretty much guaranteed. When Deutsche Bank fails, the bank that buys its “toxic assets” might be the next one to fail.


Brexit did not cause Deutsche Bank’s collapse, but revealed the hidden Capitalist banking rot, more succinctly. Avoid the paper tiger Capitalist banker shenanigans with your own US Money Reserve gold Brexit coin.

Don Ressler is Renaissance Man

The business genius behind many of the internet’s hottest brands is Don Ressler. He is the mind behind many successful starts ups like Fitness Heaven, and Intelligent Beauty. He also played a key role in Fabletics and other internet clothing brands.

Don Ressler’s first company was he started that company when he was a teenager. When others his age were partying in college he already knew what he wanted to do in life and worked towards becoming a great success. He sold his first company in 2001 to Intermix Media. Intermix valued him highly so they asked him to stay on board at the company and he formed a partnership with the company’s Chief Operating Officer Adam Goldenberg. Together they made their own new company called Alena Media. their goal was to become the world’s number one performance advertising and e-commerce platform. They had success because they were able to generate hundreds of millions in revenue per year. The Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg tag team turned their project into Intermix Media’s most successful division. Intermix Media was acquired by News Corp in the year 2005. Don Ressler decided that he could do more on his own so he left the company. Now free to realize his own ambitions he began brainstorming.

Ressler was certain that he had the knowledge and skills to become a success in the world of online performance advertising. He decided that he should start a new company that would exploit his talents for creating and promoting online brands. He formed a team composed of Alena Media’s elite and he launched a new project called Brand Ideas. Don’s idea was to do direct to consumer brand building which was a new territory for online marketing at the time. His first site that he launched was DERMSTORE. It focused on selling cosmetics and skincare in the online market place. It was a success. Don Ressler rode this score and next created an online weight loss system called SENSA. This second company was also highly profitable and pioneered the art of online marketing for its niche. Don now had made a large name for himself and he as able to attract $33 million from investors who wanted to be a part of his future projects.



Happy in El Segundo: TechStyle COO Anton Von Rueden on the Perks of Life in the South Bay



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Philip N. Diehl is the man behind the first-ever US Government-issued platinum coins quarter program launched in 50 states. According to Manta and Crunchbase, Philip N. Diehl served in the office of U.S Mint Director and the President of U.S Money Reserve.

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