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The History of Solo Capital Market and Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is an England based global boutique institution founded by Sanjay Shah presumably in September of 2011. The company’s headquarters are in England, therefore it is regulated by the United Kingdom. Shah and his company have made countless notable and positive changes in the industry and global market as a whole since it’s incorporation.

Shah started off working in the finance industry but after several years in accounting he didn’t feel he was reaching his potential. During the financial crisis in 2008, he was one of the many affected individuals of the corporate cutbacks. At this point he decided to follow his goals and move out of the finance industry and out of employment for good.

At that point, Sanjay Shah rented a small room just outside of London. This room would eventually turn into his office and he started the now flourishing brokerage firm. He started off with just a few employees but today has thousands of people working for the company.

Shah’s parents lived in Kenya and moved to the United Kingdom when Shah was still little. His parents were fairly well off and moved into a distinguished area of London.  He started studying medicine but felt decided that wasn’t the field for him. Shah is now 43 years old, has offices in Dubai and London, and has amassed enough money to be considered retired.

Solo Capital has made huge waves and Sanjay Shah has made a major impact on the business world. However the charity work Shah has been doing has been really gaining him the spotlight. Shah’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism at age two.

Shah wanted to become involved in the research and better understand autism. He founded a new organization working on funding research and developing programs for public awareness. The organization, Autism Rocks, came from an idea Shah had while sharing a cup of tea with musician Snoop Dogg.


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