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Professor Michael Lacey’s Contributions to mathematics

Michael Lacey is one of the greatest mathematicians in America today. Having spent all of his adult life as an academic teaching in various universities across the country, Michael has contributed immensely in the field of mathematics. His thesis while working for his p.h.d under Walter Philip focused on solving iterated logarithm issues. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

He soon after attaining his p.hd served as an associate professor in a couple of universities where many acclaimed his work who worked with him. Michael’s work was later appreciated and was made a full professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he still works today.

Professor Michael Lacey’s work has gained much praise all over the world getting honors from several institutions like the Fulbright Fellowship of Argentina, NSF post-doctorate Fellowship and the American Mathematical Society Fellowship.

His work on harmonic analysis, probability, and ergodic theory have been fields with complex problems for most people taking mathematics, but Michael has proved to be as brilliant as they come.

Mentoring many young, enthusiastic mathematicians has a passion for Michael. He has guided many masters and p.h.d students over the years in the various university he has worked. The genius professor has held different positions in schools as a member of committees, advising different college groups and even was an editor of the Journal of Geometric Analysis.

Passion and dedication to academia in the field of mathematics has seen Michael awarded the Salem prize together with Christoph Thiele from the Institute of advanced study and Princeton University. Read more; Michael Lacey |

Hard work and the pursuit of excellence are core drivers of professor Michael Lacy’s ambition to better mathematics. Michael advises students and academia, in general, to maintain professionalism and teamwork in their effort to solve intellectual problems.

Most academics in the field of mathematics have over the years praised his work on proving the central theorem and many claims it is an almost sure theorem something that is of high prestige in the academics circles. Michael served as a visiting professor in many European universities and each time has left the institutions praising and honoring his contributions to the field of mathematics.

Communication Platform Being Provided By Securus Technologies

I have noticed how Securus Technologies is providing an amazing communication network that aids jail officials in keeping the Facilities safe.


This is a solution that can be managed by remote monitoring. This means that the authorities can access it from any place at any time. Besides, Securus Technologies can ensure single-point access to this platform. Hence all the information, data, messages and everything else can be accessed easily. In this way, the evidentiary artifact that link criminal activity that happens inside as well as outside the facility walls has made this communication platform from Securus Technologies as one of the best tools available in this industry.


Next, it has disaster recovery abilities too. The centralized platform being provided by Securus Technologies for communication helps to minimize any loss of data that can occur because of local disasters. This can include hurricanes, tornadoes as well as earthquakes. There can even be system failures at a local level. This can include hard drive malfunctions as well as corruption of software.


This is a communications platform of the future. There are system updates being applied multiple times each year in order to ensure that their system will always stay on the cutting edge of technology.


I have observed how Securus Technologies helps law enforcement personnel to solve crimes. But preventing crime will always remain as the primary focus of Securus Technologies. It has developed a communications platform that can identify patterns along with real time alerts. Besides, its ability to access any dossier from any place at any time is an integral part of their successful investigation. With such capabilities, it became possible for investigators to collect evidence which would help them in preventing as well as solving crimes. This platform allows for local as well as remote monitoring. Also, scanning can be done through live calls this way.

OSI Group Is literally Worth Billions Of Dollars

Did you know that many of the same grocery stores, schools and businesses receive their food products from the same food server? The fact is that most businesses/companies who sell food products doesn’t have their very own farms to supply them. Food suppliers basically keep the world running on all cylinders. Without food you can’t live and you can’t live without food. Life is kind of like a catch 22 system to some degree. Did you know the United States is home to one of the top food suppliers in the world? That’s right! The company has actually been in business for over 100 years, and it has produced and supplied goods to many of the most popular food servers in history. This list includes the establishments of:

OSI Group is the name and providing custom food solutions is the game. OSI Group is an American staple. It’s headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but started out as a small meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. German immigrant OttoKolschowsky turned his idea into a full fledged success story. His small, family operated meat market produced some of the freshest beef products of its time and as of today, it is a worldwide leader in supplying foods.
• Starbucks
• Papa John’s Pizza
• McDonald’s
• Pizza Hut
• Subway
• And many more

OSI Group is literally worth billions of dollars thanks to its great services, its great food products, and its great way of doing business. The company has 20,000 employees that work in up to 65 facilities that span across 15 countries. Can you name another company with this much clout? Much of its success comes from business acquisitions. OSI Group now controls two of the worlds biggest and best food suppliers being Tyson Foods and Flagship Europe.

The benefits of OSI Group is very diverse, which includes processing, sourcing, distribution and development. This is simply supply and demand at its finest and nobody does it better than OSI Group.

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Larkin & Lacey

People have all sorts of views. Sometimes people can agree with each other, and sometimes they cannot agree with each other.

Many things are debatable, though there is one objective fact that we can all agree on: in every demographic group there are complaints of people having their rights impeded upon by other demographic groups of people. As a result, civil rights organizations have popped up to defend the rights of various demographics of people.

Black Lives Matter is an organization that advocates for the rights of the black demographic. Through communication online, meetings, activism and protests, they draw attention to the struggles that Blacks face in society. Black Lives Matter also advocates for specific demographics of blacks such as LGBTQ+ blacks, disabled blacks and female blacks.

The collective black community has felt it’s rights impeded upon since the beginning of the United States, though there have been demographics within the black community that have suffered from marginalization in the black community. These concerns are quite legitimate, since blacks have a clear history of being enslaved and having their rights impeded upon. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

BLM believes that the state is committing violence against black people by using institutional racism to keep blacks down in society. They focus on how the Euro-centricity of society is burdening people on various ends of the black community, and resulting in genocide.

European Unity and Rights Organization, or EURO, is an organization that advocates for the rights of the white demographic. The founder of the organization is David Duke, a former Klansman.

Of course, the Ku Klux Klan is seen as a hate group that has a reputation of being very violent in the past; and having any association with the Ku Klux Klan will tarnish a person’s reputation in a wide variety of occupations and social circles.

According to EURO’s ideology, whites have had their rights impeded upon, and it is within the right of white people to openly acknowledge these injustices.

EURO advocates for the preservation of the heritage of white people, an end to portraying white people as villains, an end to affirmative action against whites, an end to forced busing of minorities into white communities, an end to racial integration policies that actually increase racial tensions and an end to hate crime legislation that allows non-whites to get off the hook for committing crimes on whites. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter

The whole idea is that white communities do not want these these policies, and that forcing these policies upon white communities is inhumane and unconstitutional. EURO hosts a website, stages conferences and advertises David Duke’s merch. The merchandise that Duke sells is about the injustices that he perceives to be committed against white people.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization that advocates for the Hispanic demographic, the LGBTQ+ demographic and immigrant demographic.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the founding geniuses of the organization, have chosen to use the fund to support organizations in their area that support these causes.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is similar to Black Lives Matter because it supports a racial demographic, as well as various demographics within that broader racial demographic.

Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa has began construction on an amazing planetarium that can seat 125 people. This is a big difference from the earlier planetarium that only sat 30 visitors.

The planetarium will have a 40 foot tall dome and an interactive exhibit hall. It will also feature a Foucault pendulum that shows how the Earth rotates.

The planetarium (under certain times) will be open to college students and the public. This is a great opportunity to engage in the exciting experience that is science. Not only will science students attend classes in the planetarium, they may also conduct a class for elementary students.

There will be a bus drop-off zone for visitors to be transported to and from the college. The planetarium will be located in the middle of the campus. It will keep the original architectural character of the 1950’s. It has both star and digital projection systems. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

Orange College was founded in 1947. They provide off campus student housing that is convenient, clean and affordable. All residences are fully furnished and a short distance away from campus.

They also pay for your utilities and provide a cleaning service that comes twice per month. If you are an international student, they provide a homestay program where you can live while learning with a local family.

Orange Coast College currently enrolls over 24,000 undergraduate students. While there are a lot of college’s in Southern California, Orange Coast is the third largest in Orange County.

It is the perfect facility for those who are preparing themselves to transfer from OCC to California State University.

The OSI Group’s Recent Acquisitions Help To Expand The Company’s Global Reach

Widely considered to be one of the top 100 food companies in the U.S., the OSI Group produces and sells a wide variety of high quality foods. The company is based in Aurora, Illinois, and was founded in 1909.

As a leading supplier of various types of products to food service industry and retail brands, the OSI Group now operates more than 65 facilities in 17 countries.

Among the foods that are produced by the OSI Group are hot dogs, vegetable products, meat patties, fish and poultry products, pizza and bacon.

A thriving and forward-thinking company, the OSI Group purchased a 200,000 square-foot food production plant in 2016, that was previously operated by Tyson Foods. The purchase of this plant will allow the company to increase its production, and provide even better service to its clients. The new plant is also located near existing OSI Group buildings in Chicago.

Expanding its global reach, the OSI Group acquired a large British food service supplier named Flagship Europe in late 2016. Flagship Europe is a successful company that supplies food service businesses with products such as sauces, mayonnaise and frozen poultry. Additionally, the OSI Group produces frozen pastries and mini desserts, as well as a line of frozen gourmet sous-vide meals.

Through the years, the OSI Group has been officially recognized for its commitment to maintaining safe and environmentally healthy facilities. In 2017, the company’s British branch was awarded the International Safety Award for the eleventh time by the British Safety Council.

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The Number One Science and Research Journal, Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a term that is it came from some scientific terms. They all are biologic processes that need to be looked into in detailed and solve the problems that may face the processes. That is what the journal tries to address, the latest research and solutions to biological defects. It involves articles that surround all molecules, biological pathways, cell purposes, cancer development and aging (neurodegeneration.) The journal also publishes things that affect the cancerous cells, brain cells, heart, lymphocytes, and microorganisms.

The aim of creating the journal was to make the research updates available to the people who were interested. People with more ideas and insights could add up to the debate then put more valuable contribution. In the process, there will be rapid development progress in the scientific discoveries which are going to be available to the people.

Oncortaget is a journal that combines various fields and specialties in orders for innovations to be realized. Different career scientists come together to create a comprehensive article that will be able to help people and improve the quality of living. The linking of various fields in biomedical science is helpful, and the journal editorial team led by Mikhail Blagosklonny gives the best final draft that is very accurate.

In the long run, there are applications due to the findings used in our day to day lives and in clinical science to cure diseases and prevent an attack from ailments too like for example cancer. Topics like preventing aging too can be discussed and recommendations made on how to reduce aging. E-cigarettes and their effects which are mostly negative are also published in Oncortarget. As a result, it will discourage the use of the cigarettes.

Oncortarget as a journal is owned and led by very qualified scientists who do not publish articles before researching. They, first of all, get the points straight so that they can then put it on paper. The journals will help researchers get more contributions to the advancement of science and solve problems. The main aim of Oncotarget is to eradicate diseases and prevent people from aging and death.

About Oncotarget:

Dick DeVos’ Effort of Supporting Educational Causes

There is no doubt that Dick DeVos’ family is famous for its philanthropic initiatives in the United States. The family is believed to have dolled out approximately $139 million, since they began contributing to charitable causes. Every year, Dick, his wife Betsy DeVos and their grown up children contribute millions of dollars to fund various projects and other programs that directly impact the lives of individuals and communities. The donations are released through a foundation owned by the family. According to information found on the foundation’s website, Dick and his family contributed $11.6 million to charity in 2015. The extended DeVos family, which is headed by Dick’s father, Rich DeVos, the co-founder of Amway, donated $104 million in 2015, landing them on position 24th according to Forbes’ “America’s Top Givers” list.


Large portion of Dick and Betsy’s contributions are allotted to educational programs. For instance, out of $ 11.6 million they donated in 2015, $3 million was used to fund educational causes. Besides donating directly to educational programs, they gave an addition $357,000 to help organizations involved in fighting education reforms. This is a reflection of how Dick DeVos is committed to ensure learners in the U.S. have accessed the right quality of education they deserve. Dick noted that the poor performance of students was as a result of education system that could not help kids fulfill their dreams. It had turned into a civil rights problem, where less privileged children cannot receive same level education as those from privileged families. When being interviewed on MLive and The Grand Rapids Press, Mr. Dick DeVos said that he was worried about how kids from some ZIP codes do not have the opportunity to choose the right education to enable them realize their dreams and goals. This discrimination is what inspired Dick to start focusing on ways of helping those children access better education.


Personal and Career Life of Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos joined Amway in 1974, where he held different positions, climbing the corporate ladder until he succeeded his dad as the President of the company. Prior to serving as the company’s president, Dick was the vice president. He was in charge of Amway’s operations in 18 nations, and it offered him the opportunity to earn additional experience outside the United States.


In 1989, Dick created The Windquest, a firm specializing in the production of packaging materials. He left the family business to concentrate on his new venture. However, his family acquired Orland Magic in 1991, and Dick was appointed to lead the club. In 1993, he went back to Amway, this time as its president a position he held until 2002 when he retired to concentrate on his business, The Windquest Group.


Paul Mampilly’s Dedication To Finance Helps Average Americans

Most people understand that the average American is not a millionaire. Paul Mampilly knows that, too, but he also knows that the average American has a shot at making millions of dollars just as easily as those who started out with a lot of money. He knows that it is something that can be done because he did it and he designed a program that is a major part of the way that things will work for people to be able to do it.

Paul Mampilly has come up with ideas that will allow people the chance to use his strategies so that they will be able to make millions of dollars in the same way that he was able to at the beginning of his career as investor and in the time since he started working hard at the career that he has had a part in.

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For Mampilly, making changes that he knows are necessary to make the business better is a huge part of the career and of the things that are going on with the business that he is a part of. He knows the right way to invest money and is confident that he will be able to teach other people the same. He is hoping that all of this will give him the chance to make things better for people and to make it easier for them to get what they are hoping for through the experiences that they have been a part of and the options that they have.

As Paul Mampilly has grown his business, he knows that things will work well for him only if he is able to keep track of all of the people he has helped. Many of them have gone on to make millions of dollars and that is evidence that his process works. He wants to show people the right way to do things and knows that making millions of dollars can be extremely beneficial. He also knows that he has to do this for people who are on a budget because most people don’t have a lot of extra money to invest.

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Dr.Imran Haque for 20 Years Now

Dr.Imran Haque has ben a practicing internist in North Carolina, in Asheboro. Having worked at several hospitals in the area now for 20 years. Representing those locations, his practice is well regarded for his specialty. Here are some more facts about Dr.Imran Haque.
 He has always accepted a wide variety of health insurances for care at his practice. This attitude of open acceptance and high quality of care is what makes any doctor a good one. Working at all of the local hospitals in an area makes him or her even better. Dr.Imran Haque does all of the above.
He has always had a heart for care. This led him to become a doctor. The desire to help people when they are in their largest moment of distress is what makes him a great internist. Years of experience doesn’t hurt either. He has that as well. In fact, the 20 years of experience is just the beginning for him. He has years to go of being able to care for people that come to him as patients and help them get better if they need an internist.
His approach is two-fold. Number one, he has the professional skills to be able to handle the patient’s health issues and find a solution that is the best option for the person. Second, he uses that bedside care that makes everyone feel wonderful to be cared for in his practice. Those are really the things that make any practice unique. Each patient has their own desires and preferences. Dr.Imran Haque caters to this is the best manner possible. The ability to cater to them in this manner makes his special care what makes him the great physician for the last 20 years.